“Bowser is the Hero?!” – Super Mario Orchestra Concert announced for September in Japan

There’s already been quite a few concerts featuring music from the Super Mario series in Japan, such as the one held for the 30th Anniversary a few years ago. And believe it or not, there’s yet to be a full orchestral concert only featuringmusic from the Super Mario series in that country… but this will change in a couple of months, with the “Bowser is the Hero?!” – Super Mario Orchestra Concert announced for September!

This concert will be held as part of the KYOTO CMEX 2018 (Kyoto Cross-Media Experience) event, and will feature music from the many games in the Super Mario series: from the original Super Mario Bros. on the NES / Famicom to Super Mario Odyssey on Nintendo Switch. No setlist is available as of writing, but it’s safe to assume all “mainline” games will be featured (either with individual music tracks, or as part of medleys).

What’s more, the concert is called “Bowser is the Hero?!” – Super Mario Orchestra Concert, with the keyword being “Bowser is the Hero”. It looks like the music featured in this concert will focus on the Bowser battles across the series!

Here’s additional details about the concert:

  • Date: September 15th (Saturday) and September 16th (Sunday)
  • Time:
    • Evening performance (July 15th): 6PM
    • Afternoon performance (July 16th): 1PM
    • Evening performance (July 16th): 5PM
  • Venue: ROHM Theatres Kyoto (13 Okazakisaishoji-cho, Sakyo-ku, Kyoto City)
  • Price: S Seat: 8 500 Yen / A Set: 6 800 Yen / Student Seat: 1 000 Yen
  • Music Director: Erika Fukasawa 
  • Conductor: Taizo Takemoto

Unfortunately, we don’t know if the concert will be recorded, with a CD release coming at a later date. We also don’t know if there will be paid a livestream, like there was for the Kirby 25th Anniversary concert last year.

Source: 4Gamer



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