Wizard’s Symphony: details about the story, characters, and gameplay

A few weeks ago, Arc System Works announced Wizard Symphony for the Nintendo Switch. It’s a Dungeon RPG from the Wizard’s Harmony “series”, which hasn’t seen a new entry in over 20 years.

This game takes place 20 years after Wizard’s Harmony, in a world of swords and magic, where adventurers can be found aplenty as the result of the development of said swords and magic (instead of science).

This led to the sudden emergence of a business centered around those very adventurers. In fact, the protagonist (named Alto) is a Conductor: the name given to ruins tour guides, a profession that was born from the “adventurers bubble”.

The story takes places in the city of Kazan, where traces of the magical King of Guranka can be found. This mysterious Kingdom was completely destroyed overnight, 1000 years ago.

Here’s the main characters:

  • Alto Traverse (Conductor, Human, voiced by Kengo Kawanishi): a young Conductor who guides adventurers in dangerous ruins. He works tirelessly everyday with his co-workers, in order to become a fine Conductor. One day, the president of the M Tours company suddenly disappeared, and he’s served as president of that company since then;
  • Spica Celesto (Defender, Human, voiced by Hisako Toujou): Alto’s co-worker. A bright and optimistic young man, who sometimes behave in an unexpected fashion. He serves as a tank, protecting his allies, and attracting the attention of monsters;
  • Astelle (profession and race unknown, voiced by Masumi Tazawa): a young woman who has lost her memories, and was found unconscious in the ruins. For some reason, she called Alto “Master”. She’s usually pretty calm, but in battle, she exhibits high combat abilities, and can use different attack styles using magic;
  • Merak Jurdiz (Wizard, Human, voiced by Takeyuki Shimada): Alto’s co-worker. She’s a pretty calm and clever person, with a pretty soothing personality. In battle, she’s an attacker who uses magic to get rid of enemies.

As mentioned above, Wizard’s Symphony is a Dungeon RPG, where you set up parties to go explore dungeons. Battles are, unsurprisingly, turn-based, with the usual commands to perform actions: attacking, using magic or items, etc.. While exploring dungeons, the characters will sometime have things to say about the situation they’re in, allowing you to enjoy various conversations between the various party members.

Wizard’s Symphony tells a tale of swords and magic, set in a fantasy word, and filled with many comical situations and serious developments. Also, the game happens to be fully voiced, and features various illustrations by moo.

Finally, the Harmonics system from Wizard’s Harmony is back. The affinity between two characters evolves throughout the game, and has an impact on battles. What’s more, each character has its own Unique Skill. How you decide to grow your characters will determine how hard a dungeon will be to explore.

Finally, here’s some screenshots and artworks:

Wizard’s Symphony (Switch) comes out later this year in Japan.

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