Wii Karaoke U: list of new songs for July 28th (EU), Squid Sisters songs available

Last month, Nintendo announced that from now on, updates for Wii Karaoke U would come once per month, on the last Thursday of every month (instead of every Thursday). That means that the updates are now more meaty than before: we’re getting no less than 72 new songs in July (as opposed to 69 in June)!

This time around, we get songs in plenty of languages: English, French, Japanese, and even Spanish. We’re also getting three of the songs by the Squid Sisters: Calamari Inkantation, City of Colour, and Ink Me Up. Unfortunately, we don’t know if the new songs will also be added, down the line… Also, if you were looking forward to new songs in Italian, German, or Dutch, you will have to wait at least until next month (August 25th).

Here’s how many new songs were added this month to Wii Karaoke U in Europe:

  • English: 53 new songs, including “Age Ain’t Nothing but a Number”, “Leavin’ on a Jet Plane”, “I Can’t Give Everything Away”, “Be the One”, “The Edge of Glory (Acoustic)”, “School Song”, “Troublemaker”, “Take Me Or Leave Me”, “Drowning Shadows”, “Calamari Inkantation”, “City of Colour”, or “Ink Me Up”;
  • French: 2 new songs, including “Le lion est mort ce soir”, and “Vous Les Copains”;
  • Spanish: 2 new songs, including “Oye Mi Canto”, “Suerte”;
  • Japanese: 15 new songs, including “Pokettari monsutari”, “Words of the Mind ~Brandnew Journey~”, and “Jou netsu de mune atsu!”.

Source: Nintendo



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