Vertex Pop bringing Graceful Explosion Machine to the Nintendo Switch

Ever since the Nintendo Switch Presentation, on January 13th, many developers and publishers have announced games for the Nintendo Switch. Today, Vertex Pop announced theirs: Graceful Explosion Machine, which will be released in Spring. It’s a rather colourful and unique shooter, where you can use 4 different weapons to shoot at, slay, and more to defeat enemies.

Those weapons are:

  • Blaster
  • Energy Sword
  • Sniper Beam
  • Missiles

Here’s the announcement trailer for Graceful Explosion Machine:

And here’s some screenshots:

Finally, here’s the main features of the game:

  • A blisteringly intense side-scrolling arcade shooter experience
  • The quad-weapon array gives the player four unique and devastatingly powerful weapons at all times
  • Fast paced skill-based action, featuring a deep combo system and scoring mechanics
  • 30+ levels across 4 unique worlds
  • Visuals bursting with vibrant colour, bold lines, and geometric enemy designs
  • Analogue and digital synthesizer driven soundtrack
  • Extensive ranking and stats for each level encourages replay and perfecting the game combo systems
  • Score attack mode: a finely-tuned experience for wracking up big scores! Perfect for streaming

Graceful Explosion Machine (Switch eShop) will be released in Spring. The Upcoming Releases page has been updated, just like the list of confirmed games for the Nintendo Switch!

Source: Vertex Pop



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