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UK: video games sales for Week 31, 2015 (ending August 1st)

Splatoon 1Just like Week 30, Week 31 was pretty poor for Nintendo in the United Kingdom. The only two remaining Wii U titles are slowly dropping down the Top 40: Splatoon is now at #31 (it was #28 last week) and Yoshi’s Woolly World is now at #34 (it was #24 during Week 30). Therefore, Splatoon is back at the best-selling Wii U titles, and with the lack of upcoming Wii U releases, it’s bound to stay there for quite a while…

On the Nintendo 3DS front, Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate finally slipped out of the Top 40, which may be due to shortages. Indeed, the game went straight from #1 to #9 on the Nintendo 3DS-only chart, Tomodachi Life now being the best-selling 3DS title (maybe due to the ongoing Friendship Fiesta event).


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Source: GFK Chart-track


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