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[GC 2015] Guitar Hero Live: Behind the Scenes Trailer

guitar hero liveToday, Activision revealed a new trailer for Guitar Hero Live, which provides both a Behind the Scenes look at the game, but also a rundown of the major features. The first one is the live-action footage, which was recorded with actors and an actual crowd. You will get to play as 10 different bands, across two festivals:

– SoundDial (UK)
– Rock The Block (United States)

Next, we have GHTV, which gives access to dozens and dozens of possible tracks to play, various channels (so you can have a little variety), music on demand, and more. The developers promise regular update to the song schedule and more.

Guitar Hero Live will also feature a progression system (with crowd rewards, medals, and more), which allows you to unlock various thing as you make some progress. Of course, there is also a multiplayer mode (local and online), and Singing is confirmed to be back for this new entry of Guitar Hero.

Here’s the Behind the Scenes trailer for Guitar Hero Live:

Guitar Hero Live (Wii U) comes out on October 20th, in Europe and North America.

Source: Activision


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