Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE feat. DJ MasterSeal (#2): dungeons

Genei Ibun Roku #FEA few weeks ago, Nintendo of America launched a video series for Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE, with DJ MasterSeal explaining the various features of the game. In the second episode, uploaded today, DJ MasterSeal talks about the dungeons, which are probably as unique as the battle system itself.

First, DJ MasterSeal explains what the Idolasphere is: a dark, alternate dimension, home to good and evil Mirages. They’re basically dungeons you will get to explore during the game, and as you can imagine, they’re filled with various enemies. It’s best to try to get the first strike, in order to get the advantage during battle. But be careful: evil Mirages can also surprise you and get the first strike.

There several types of Mirages you can find in dungeons:

  • rare Mirages: they have a golden glow, and if you defeat them, they will drop rare items;
  • savage mirages: they’re all black, and incredibly powerful enemies (much more than regular Mirages). Of course, they also drop (much) better loot!
  • bosses like Gangrel (from Fire Emblem Awakening), or Lorenz (from Fire Emblem: Shadow Dragon).

But in the Idolasphere, you will not spend your entire time fighting evil Mirages: there’s also various puzzles to solve, and obstacles to overcome. Some of the puzzles even require you to perform actions specific to a dungeon, such as that giant doll in one of the early dungeons.

Finally, DJ MasterSeals talks a bit about sidequests, with a “sensible” Mirage asking you to fill in for an absent crew member, or Anna (from Fire Emblem Awakening) who needs you to go fetch some materials for her.

Here’s the second episode of “Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE feat. DJ MasterSeal”:

Click here to check out Episode 1!

Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE (Wii U) comes out on June 24th in Europe and North America.

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