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In Japan, Nintendo (or rather, Old Man Ulrira himself) have started sharing various details and pictures about The Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening on Nintendo Switch via the official Twitter account. That’s why we created this page: to round up all the details, pictures, and eventually videos shared by Nintendo, so that yoiu can find them all in one place.

To avoid having too many YouTube embeds on the same page, we have created the playlist below. New videos will be automatically added to it, and those of older updates below removed from the page.

September 16th

The latest Twitter updates showcase the following:

  • Moldorm: one of the bosses of the game, located at the very end of each dungeon. This one is from the Tail Cave dungeon. It moves around the room, trying to ram into Link. Its weak point is the ball at the tip of its tail, but hitting hit isn’t as straightforward as it may seem;
  • Genie: one of the bosses of the game. It likes to hide inside its lamp, and Link cannot hit it with his sword while it’s inside. To defeat it, you have to first break the lamp.
  • Animal Village, with some screenshots in English
  • a screenshot of Old Man Ulrira, celebrating Respect for the Aged Day in Japan
  • a countdown picture

September 13th

The latest Twitter updates showcase the following:

  • River Rapids: located on the eastern side of the island. You have to navigate through the rapids, using the hookshot to adjust the direction of your raft.
  • Dampé

September 11th

The latest Twitter updates showcases the following:

  • Marin, with a character profile
  • Mamu: a souls musician, who sings mysterious songs. If you want to hear him sing, you better get those rupees ready… a lot of them!
  • Manbo: the child of the Sun Fish, who also loves singing. Just like Mamu, he teaches Link a melody for his ocarina.

September 9th

The latest Twitter updates showcase figures that you can use to decorate your room: Piranha Plant, Goomba… They are pretty well made! They are available as prizes at the Trendy Game!

September 6th

The latest Twitter update introduce a very peculiar enemy: Kirby. Just like the real Kirby, they are pink, round, and love to inhale stuff… including you. If they do manage to get you, you will take some damage. They’re not all that dangerous, but they are pretty resilient, and your sword will simply bounce off those round little buggers!

Also, here’s some more screenshots:

September 5th

The latest Twitter update once again showcases the Chamber Dungeon feature. If you tap one of the compatible amiibo, you can share a completed dungeon with a friend. Also, you can get some bonus titles!

September 2nd

The latest Twitter updates once again showcase the Chamber Dungeon feature. The goal is for you to create your very own dungeon by connecting the various rooms, a bit like a puzzle. You have to make sure all the panels are connected properly. But building a dungeon isn’t the end: just like in Super Mario Maker, you have to beat your own dungeon first before it’s considered completed. By the way, you may even get rewards from Dampé if you create a great dungeon!

We also get a look at Shadow Link, that you can add to your Chamber Dungeons using the new Link amiibo:

August 30th

The latest Twitter update introduces a “new” character that wasn’t in the original version of The Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening (but was in previous Zelda games): Dampé. This time, he can be found not in a graveyard, but in some ruins. He’s tied to a brand new feature called Chamber Dungeon, which allows you to create your very own dungeon by arranging various panels (rooms).

August 29th

The latest Twitter update introduces another enemy from the Mario series: the Piranha Plants. They can be found in underground sections of dungeons, coming out of pipes. Since they bite anyone that comes too close, it’s better to avoid them altogether or hit them with your sword.

August 26th

The latest Twitter updates introduce the following:

  • Animal Village: located in the eastern part of Koholint Island. As the name implies, it’s entirely inhabited by animals: rabbits, a bear cook, and many more. Quite interestly, they can all speak the same language as Link and the inhabitants of Mabe Village.
  • Schule Donavitch: an alligator artist who lives in Animal Village. He’s a famous artist, and some of his creations can be found on the island.

August 23rd

The latest Twitter updates introduce two enemies:

  • Pokey: they live in the Yarna Desert, located in the south east of the island. You need to be careful around those, because they look pretty much like regular cacti… they also hurt when you get too close! The only way to defeat them is to hit their head, so you need to keep slashing at it until you can reach it;
  • Ghini: ghosts that can be found in the Cemetery. If you get surrounded, you can defeat all of them at once by slashing the very first one that appeared.

August 21st

The latest Twitter updates introduce two characters:

  • Tarin: a cheerful middle-aged man, who lives with Marine. He’s quite the glutton.
  • Madam MeowMeow: she lives in Mabe Village, and she’s the owner of BowWow. She’s the only one who can keep it in check, which is why she may be the strongest person on Koholint Island… better not cross her!

August 19th

The latest Twitter updates introduce two familiar enemies:

  • Shy Guy: they mimick Link’s movements. Their face is really hard, and you cannot hit them from the front. You have to find a way to hit them in the back to defeat them;
  • Boo: slashing your sword at them is completely fruitless. To defeat them, you have to use something ghosts are usually afraid of.

Check out the YouTube playlist above!

August 15th

The latest Twitter updates introduce two key items:

  • Roc’s Feather: it allows you to jump, which is pretty handy when you need to cross small gaps;
  • Hookshot: it allows you to grab onto various things, and cross gaps. You can also use it to stun some enemies, including some that you should definitely not hit directly with your sword!

Check out the YouTube playlist above!

August 13th

The latest Twitter updates introduce one of the mini-games found in the game: the Trendy Game. It’s located in Mabe Village, and it’s basically a crane game. You have to use the ↑ and → to try and grab the items you’re interested in.

Here’s a video clip showcasing that mini-game: check out the YouTube playlist above!

Among the prizes available, there’s a cute Yoshi doll!

August 11th

The latest Twitter update showcases the Tal Tal Mountain Range, which is located in the northern part of Koholint Island (to celebrate Mountain Day in Japan)! Check out the YouTube playlist above for the video.

August 8th

The latest Twitter updates introduces another area of the game: the Mysterious Forest, located in the western part of the island. It is home to many Moblins, and you will definitely need a shield to protect yourself from their swords and lances.

Here’s a video clip showcasing the Mysterious Forest: check out the YouTube playlist above!

Be careful of the mischievious racoon, who can send you to another part of the forest…

August 6th

The latest Twitter update introduces another character: Richard. He’s living in house which is filled with frogs, for some reason. If you talk to him, you will learn that he used to be a prince, who was ousted from Kanalet Castle.

August 1st

The latest Twitter updates introduce some more characters:

  • CiaoCiao: its loves fashionable things, and it’s pretty proud of its stylish body;
  • Sale: an alligator who lives on the Torobon Shores. In the Japanese version, he speaks with the Kansai dialect for some reason! He has a rather unique hobby: he collects canned food!

July 30th

The latest Twitter update introduce a unique character called Mr. Write. He keeps writing letters to people, but for some reason, he never gets any replies…

July 25th

The latest Twitter updates introduce a common element found in many Zelda games: fishing. Want to take a break from all your adventures in Koholint Island? Then you shoyld definitely go fishing. Who knows, you might even catch a bottle!

July 23rd

The latest Twitter udpates introduce a couple of enemies found inside dungeons. The first one is a classic of the Zelda series… the Stalfos! They can avoid your sword attacks by jumping around, making them rather tricky to defeat.

Here’s a video clip showcasing the Stalfos: check out the YouTube playlist above!

The second enemy showcased today is the Goomba. They don’t really do much, other than attack by moving sideway. Rumour has it they can be easily defeated by jumping on their head…

July 18th

The latest Twitter updates introduce Mabe Village, a small village where various islanders and quite a few animals live. Whatever you do, make sure to leave those Cuccos alone, and do not try to slash your sword at them.

In this village, you will find BowWow, which totally does not look like a Chain Chomp from the Super Mario series (must be your imagination!). It has one big mouth and some really sharp teeth. You can actually take him on a stroll; he makes for one reliable companion, and is in fact required to reach one of the dungeons in the game!

July 16th

The latest Twitter updates introduce the mysterious owl who lives on Koholint Island, and seems to be pretty knowledgeable about the island and its inhabitants. By the way, if you skipped an important conversation or line of text, you can find it against in the Memories menu. No more getting stuck, not knowing where to go, because you were too quick with those A button presses!

July 15th

The latest Twitter update introduces one of the early areas of the game: Toronbo Shores. There, you will find the blue sea, white sandy beaches, and… lots of monsters. Not the best of places to relax! Check out the YouTube playlist above for the video.

July 11th and July 12th

A mentioned above, it’s official Old Man Ulrira himself sharing the various details and pictures about the game. Of course, he’s present in this remake of the GameBoy classic, and you can actually call him from any telephone booth across Koholint Island. Need any info about the island, including what you should be doing to progress in your quest? He’s your (old) man!

As you definitely already know if you’ve already played the game on GameBoy (or Nintendo 3DS via Virtual Console), The Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening takes place on Koholint Island. It’s a mysterious island filled with nature, but with a dark secret. It’s said that anyone who ends up on it will never be able to leave. Legend has it that the island’s deity, the Wind Fish, sleeps within the giant egg on top of the mountain.

The protagonist is, quite obviously, Link. He ended up in a nasty storm while on the seas, and eventually drifted to Koholint Island. Will he be able to escape from that island that nobody has been able to leave?

Link is rescued by Marin, who finds him unconscious oin the beach. She’s an energetic young woman who loves to sing.

The Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening (Switch) comes out on September 20th worldwide.

Source: Nintendo (Twitter)



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