TASaturday #14: Goldeneye 007 (Nintendo 64)

For the TASaturday #14, we picked up a game that Nintendo 64 owners know pretty well… GoldenEye 007! As usual, one of the reasons we picked up this game is because it’s one of the most well-known on the platform. If you ever owned a Nintendo 64 (or knew someone who did), chances are you most likely got to play this game (or at least heard of it).

Another reason we picked it up is because it’s in a genre that was never showcased in our TASaturday feature until today: First Person Shooters (or FPS, for short). The kind of tricks used are not the same as in a platformer or even a third-person shooter, which is quite refreshing if you’ve been watching our previous TASaturday “episodes”.

In this TAS, every level is completed as fast as possible, and this include the two bonus levels (which were quite hard to unlock). One important thing to note: if the player is always looking at the ground / walls, it’s to prevent slowdowns, which would increase the completion time of each mission (which is something speedrunners and Tool Assisted speedrunner try to avoid as much as possible, even for a few seconds in total!).

Here’s the Tool Assisted Speedrun of Golden 007 on Nintendo 64, by Wyster & Scaredsim:

For more information about this TAS, please click here!

We hope you enjoyed this TASaturday #14, and see you next week!


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