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TASaturday #13: Super Mario World (SNES)

For the TASaturday #13, we decided to go to go with another classic on the SNES (yes, another one!), and one of the most famous games on the console: Super Mario World. But actually, the reason we picked up this game isn’t its fame or anything… it’s because of the Tool Assisted Speedrun itself.

Indeed, today’s TAS is really special, as its goal isn’t to beat the game as fast as possible. In this one, the TASer managed to execute arbritrary code directly within the game, with nothing more than controller input! This achievement is obviously something that can only be done in a Tool Assisted Speedrun, which is one of the reasons we picked up this TAS (other than it looking incredibly cool and entertaining!).

But as with all other TAS, everything done in this Tool Assisted Speedrun of Super Mario World can be done on an actual console (provided you’ve got inhuman reflexes and something like 20 fingers!)… in theory. But in that case, there’s no “theory” to worry about: the actual run was successfully replayed on an actual SNES during the AGDQ 2014 (see the video below).

Without further ado, here’s the Tool Assisted Speedrun of Super Mario World, by Masterjun:

For more information about this run, please vite!

Here’s a video of this TAS being replayed on an actual SNES:

We hope you enjoyed this TASaturday #13. See you next week!


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