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TASaturday #12: Contra III – The Alien Wars (SNES)

For the TASaturday #12, we decided to go to go with another classic on the SNES (there’s quite lot of classics on this console, so there’s plenty to chose from!): Contra III – The Alien Wars. If you’re into run ‘n guns, you’ve definitely heard of the Contra series, and Contra III: The Alien Wars is among the fan favorites.

But that’s not quite the reason we picked up this game. Indeed, today’s run is a bit special: it’s a “Pacifist” run, meaning that the only enemies killed are those who prevent the player from progressing through the game (like bosses for example). Since the goal in Contra games is to, well, shoot everything that moves, this is certainly a surprising goal.

Surviving in Contra without shooting is already a feat in itself, but doing so while going as fast as possible is even more impressive. What’s more, the TASer added an additional restriction: no shooting enemy projectiles! This kind of run is exactly where Tool Assisted Speedruns shine: you can keep on adding restrictive conditions in order to make the run even more entertaining and impressive.

So if you’re interested in seeing two heros saving the world while killing as few enemies as possible, you should defnitely check out this TAS of Contra III: The Alien Wars by McBobX:

For more information about this Tool Assisted Speedrun, please click here!

See you next week!


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