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TASaturday #11: The Legend of Zelda – Link’s Awakening (GameBoy)

For the TASaturday #11, we’re finally bringing you the “surprising” game we promised you a few weeks ago… The Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening, on the GameBoy. Now you might be wondering “But what’s surprising about this game?”. Well, wait until you’ve seen this very special TAS before you say anything more!

And by very special, we mean one of the most extreme case of glitch abuse ever seen in a Tool Assisted Speedrun. As mentionned in the title of the video, this is a “play-around” TAS. Its goal isn’t to complete the game in the fastest way possible, but instead, to play around with the game. The end result? The most “What the F*CK” speedrun you’ve ever seen… probably.

The Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening take place in a dream, but this Tool Assisted Speedrun looks more like a complete nightmare that some sweet, comforting dreams. There isn’t really anything more to add about this TAS, except a little warning: if you don’t understand what’s happening on the screen… don’t worry, it’s perfectly normal.

However, if you do understand everything that’s happening, but are not the author of this TAS, then you really need to worry and go consult a specialist. It is quite likely your brain is host to an incredibly dangerous parasite bent on conquering the human race.

Here’s the Tool Assisted Speedrun of The Legend Zelda: Link’s Awakening by bobmario511:

For more information about this Tool Assisted Speedrun, please click here!


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