Tank Troopers: introduction videos for the various Troopers

Update: introduction video for Iceman added!


Last week, Nintendo opened the official website for Tank Troopers, which is releasing tomorrow in Japan (and most likely in North America, too). This allowed us to get tons of details about the game, including the various gameplay modes, the 13 different Troopers, and some of the tanks you can use in this tank action game. Make sure to check out this post for all the details!

Following that, Nintendo began uploading introduction videos for each of the Troopers you can play as, showcasing their abilities. Since there will be 13 videos in total, we created a special playlist on YouTube, to avoid having 13 simultaneous YouTube embeds. Naturally, we will update this post regularly, as soon as new videos are released.

Here’s those already available:

  • Tank Kid (a 15 year old young man, Aries): Trooper Radar, allows you to easily find enemies, but also coins (useful to buy rare tanks) [added on December 20th]
  • Thunders (a 25 year old man, Aquarius): he can use electricity, which blocks enemy movements for a few moments. A rather nice guy, who wears glove (a pretty good idea given his ability!) [added on December 20th]
  • Lana Run (a 18 year old young woman, Scorpio): she can “dash”, which is pretty useful to escape from an enemy, or catch up to them. She’s said to have a rather wild personality;
  • McPaint (a 27 year old man, Virgo): Paintballs. When hit, enemies cannot see clearly for a few moments because of all the paint. He’s said to be quite the fashionable fellow;
  • Aroma (a 14 year old girl, Libra): she can repair tanks. Love and Peace is her moto;
  • Power Dan (a 38 year old man, Taurus): powers-up your artillery;
  • Iceman (a 16 year old young man, Capricorn): Ice Attack. Unsurprisingly, he comes from a pretty cold country.

And here’s the playlist with the videos:

Tank Troopers (3DS eShop) comes out on December 21st in Japan, before the end of the year in North America, and early next year in Europe.



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