Tank Troopers releasing next week in Japan; trailer, footage, plenty of details, pics, more

Back in September, Nintendo revealed Tank Troopers: a multiplayer action game where you control tanks with various abilities. We haven’t heard about the game since, but today, Nintendo finally announced the release date for Japan: December 21st. The usual overview trailer was also uploaded, and the newly launched official website provides us with some with some interesting details and pictures.

Tank Troopers – Overview trailer

Without further ado, here’s the overview trailer for Tank Troopers:


The trailer starts by mentioning it’s an action game where you battle onboard tanks. It looks like you sometimes have to defeat not just enemy tanks, but also buildings such as castles. There are plenty of ways for you to battle: charging straight ahead, ambushing enemies from behind, attacking from afar, and more.

On the battlefield, you can find item boxes: inside, you will find various items that will help you win, such as a wrench (repairs), camouflage for your tank, and more.

The game features 13 different Troopers, each with their own abilities (you can have up to three of them man your tank, and you can switch at any time during battle). For more details about them, check out below!

But that’s not all: there’s also plenty of different tanks to chose from, and they all have their own specs (speed, attack, etc.). See below for more details!

Tank Troopers features two main game modes:

  • Multiplayer: playable in local multiplayer, with up to 6 players. The game can be used with Download Play, which means you only need one copy of the game to play with friends;
  • Single Player: 30 missions for you to complete, allows you to train for multiplayer, and more.

Check out below for details about the various game modes!

Tank Troopers will be released on December 21st in Japan, where it will cost 800 Yen.

Source: Nintendo

Tank Troopers – Official website

Today, Nintendo launched the official website for Tank Troopers in Japan: click here to check it out!

Here’s some gameplay footage from that very website, showcasing the various game modes:

The website introduces Commander Naomi, who is described as both strict but gentle. She has a scar on her face, which makes her wonder what kind of emotions lie behind that face of hers. She always tell her soldiers to come back home safely after a battle.

Next, here’s additional details about the game modes:

  • Single Player
  1. Random Tank: you have to defeat waves of random tank coming at you. The goal of this mode is for you to learn to operate your tank by completing missions. By destroying enemy tanks and buildings, you can earn coins, which can be used to purchase additional tanks and Troopers.
  2. My Tank: you have to complete various missions using the tanks and Troopers you’ve purchased. You have to chose the right tanks and Troopers to complete the missions.
  • Multiplayer
  1. Team Battle: two teams battle. You can play with up to 6 players, but it’s not necessarily 3 vs 3, as you can have unbalanced teams like 5 vs 1 for example. Naturally, the team with the less players get more health than the other. To win, players have to co-operate, which starts by chosing the right tanks and Troopers;
  2. Battle Royale: it’s you VS…. everyone else! The goal is for you to get more points than everyone, by defeating other players. If you defeat the player with the most points, then you get double the usual amount of points, which means you can make a spectacular come-back right at the end!
  3. Bomb Battle: you have to hit the enemy base with a giant bomb, and you need to shoot at it with the tank in order to make it roll. The direction it rolls depends on the angle you hit it at.

The game features 13 differentTroopers, each with their own abilities (you can have up to three of them man your tank, and you can switch at any time during battle).

  • Tank Kid (a 15 year old young man, Aries): Trooper Radar, allows you to easily find enemies, but also coins (useful to buy rare tanks);
  • Iceman (a 16 year old young man, Capricorn): Ice Attack. Unsurprisingly, he comes from a pretty cold country.
  • McPaint (a 27 year old man, Virgo): Paintballs. When hit, enemies cannot see clearly for a few moments because of all the paint. He’s said to be quite the fashionable fellow.
  • Smoskey (a 55 year old man, Gemini): Invisibility. Allows you to take your time, and aim carefully at unsuspecting or confused enemies;
  • Quick (a 17 year old young woman, Saggitarius): Quickfire. Allows you to fire more quickly than with other characters. She’s said to be rather impatient, so her ability makes perfect sense!
  • Death – Troy (a 48 year old man, Leo): he can ram into enemy tanks to damage them. He also boasts impressive defense. Both his look and the way he speaks are quite wild;
  • Thunders (a 25 year old man, Aquarius): he can use electricity, which blocks enemy movements for a few moments. A rather nice guy, who wears glove (a pretty good idea given his ability!);
  • Power Dan (a 38 year old man, Taurus): powers-up your artillery.
  • Spinner (a 9 year old boy, Pisces): protection from enemy attacks;
  • Lana Run (a 18 year old young woman, Scorpio): she can “dash”, which is pretty useful to escape from an enemy, or catch up to them. She’s said to have a rather wild personality;
  • Aroma (a 14 year old girl, Libra): she can repair tanks. Love and Peace is her moto.
  • Magnettor (a 20 year old man, Cancer): when hit, enemy tanks become disoriented for a few moments;
  • Bombomb (???): they can throw bombs, that hit enemies in a rather large radius. They may look rather cute, but whose face hides behind the mask?

Here’s some of the tanks you can use in battle:

  • KUI043 (Attack: 166 / Reload: 4.8 / Speed: 25 / Defense: 123 / Range: 200 / Turning speed: 4.2)
  • Light Angle (Attack: 75 / Reload: 3.6 / Speed: 33 / Defense: 95 / Range: 60 / Turning speed: 3.1)
  • Grand Master (Attack: 85 / Reload: 3.5 / Speed: 36 / Defense: 100 / Range: 120 / Turning speed: 3.1)
  • HTA-S129 (Attack: 129 / Reload: 3.2 / Speed: 40 / Defense: 119 / Range: 160 / Turning speed: 2.1)
  • T-Rex (Attack: 123 / Reload: 4.3 / Speed: 26 / Defense: 168 / Range: 103 / Turning speed: 3.5)
  • Little Bear (Attack: 64 / Reload: 2.8 / Speed: 42 / Defense: 55 / Range: 45 / Turning speed: 2.1)
  • Striker (Attack: 70 / Reload: 2.5 / Speed: 50 / Defense: 60 / Range: 48 / Turning speed: 1.2)
  • Riceball (Attack: 166 / Reload: 4.8 / Speed: 25 / Defense: 123 / Range: 200 / Turning speed: 4.2)
  • Battle Frog (Attack: 50 / Reload: 3.2 / Speed: 47 / Defense: 40 / Range: 38 / Turning speed: 2.3)
  • Crawler II (Attack: 60 / Reload: 2.3 / Speed: 42 / Defense: 50 / Range: 35 / Turning speed: 2.3)
  • Guardian (Attack: 70 / Reload: 3.5 / Speed: 37 / Defense: 68 / Range: 55 / Turning speed: 1.9)
  • Knight 9 (Attack: 90 / Reload: 3.2 / Speed: 40 / Defense: 78 / Range: 80 / Turning speed: 2.8)
  • Hopper (Attack: 112 / Reload: 2.2 / Speed: 40 / Defense: 40 / Range: 20 / Turning speed: 1.9)
  • Mark Eleven (Attack: 90 / Reload: 2.5 / Speed: 40 / Defense: 90 / Range: 55 / Turning speed: 2)
  • Riceball II (Attack: 95 / Reload: 2.5 / Speed: 46 / Defense: 88 / Range: 78 / Turning speed: 1.9)
  • Shellshock (Attack: 105 / Reload: 3 / Speed: 28 / Defense: 76 / Range: 110 / Turning speed: 2.2)
  • Big Puppy (Attack: 90 / Reload: 2.5 / Speed: 28 / Defense: 70 / Range: 52 / Turning speed: 2.6)
  • Devil Cat (Attack: 88 / Reload: 2.5 / Speed: 45 / Defense: 90 / Range: 55 / Turning speed: 1.5)

And here’s additional screencaps from the official website:

Tank Troopers – Technical details and screens

Next, here’s some “technical” details about the game:

  • Genre: Tank Action
  • Players: 1 (Single Player) / 2 to 6 Players (Local Multiplayer)
  • Local Multiplayer: 2 to 6 players, VS.
  • Download Play: 2 to 6 players, VS. All players have to use the same tank and Trooper
  • Save data files: 1
  • Save data files size: 512KB

Here’s some screenshots from the official gamepage:

Finally, here’s additional screenshots, courtesy of Amazon:

Tank Troopers (3DS eShop) comes out on December 21st in Japan, before the end of the year in North America, and early next year in Europe. The Upcoming Releases page has been updated!



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