Mega Man: Dr. Wily’s Revenge


Daily news (May 4, Round 2): Burnout Paradise Remastered / Little Town Hero

Today’s Daily news: latest trailer for Burnout Paradise Remastered, video interview for Little Town Hero, latest trailer for SpongeBob SquarePants: Battle for Bikini Bottom – Rehydrated, latest episode of Nintendo Minute (Animal Crossing: New Horizons), latest video from the Domino King, latest video for Minecraft, latest Summon Showcase for Dragalia Lost, and latest Tool Assisted Speedrun video!

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Daily Briefs (June 19): Warriors Orochi 4 / My Hero: One’s Justice / Inazuma Eleven Ares

Today’s Daily Briefs: release dates, videos, and screenshots for Warriors Orochi 4, latest set of screenshots and video clip for My Hero: One’s Justice, some tidbits for Inazuma Eleven Ares, latest set of Famitsu previews, ROBOTICS;NOTES ELITE and Memories Off: Innocent Fille confirmed for the Nintendo Switch, Japanese release date for Steins;Gate Elite, latest set of voice clips for Etrian Odyssey X, 4 new tracks revealed for Musynx, launch trailer for Flashback, Nintendo Treehouse Live at E3 2018 recording for Starlink: Battle for Atlas, latest set of DLC for BlazBlue Cross Tag Battle, Nintendo Switch keyboard accessory in Japan, preview for the next episode of the Layton Mystery Agency ~Katrielle’s Mystery Files~ anime series, and latest set of Tool Assisted Speedrun videos for Nintendo platforms.

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Daily Briefs (Aug. 22): Famitsu previews / Shakedown Hawaii

Today’s Daily Briefs: latest batch of Famitsu previews, latest video clip for Shakedown Hawaii, sale on Nintendo eShop pre-paid cards (Japan), latest screenshots for NBA 2K18, latest soundtrack sample for Sonic Mania, some Monster Hunter XX merchandise, latest video clip for Miitopia, and latst Tool Assisted Speedrun video!

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