Switch milestones: Suika Game / even if TEMPEST, and more

Suika Game

Aladdin X has announced that Suika Game has now sold over 9.5 million units worldwide, across all platforms (as of May 30th). Unfortunately, no platform or regional platform breakdown is provided this time!

Source: Aladdin X

even if TEMPEST

Voltage has announced that even if TEMPEST has now sold over 30,000 units worldwide since launch: a nice milestone for the company to announce ahead of the game’s 2nd Anniversary (on June 9th)!

Source: Voltage

Volgarr the Viking

Digital Eclipse and Crazy Viking Studios have announced that Volgarr the Viking has sold over 1 million units worldwide since launch (over 10 years ago!), across all platforms.

Source: Digital Eclipse PR (06/06/2024)

Sid Meier’s Civilization

Take-Two has announced that all the games in the Sid Meier’s Civilization series have now sold over 70 million units combined worldwide, across all platforms. Unfortunately, no game, platform, or regional breakdown is provided, though we do get an additional stats: players have spent over 1 billion hours in-game!

Source: Take-Two PR (07/06/2024)

Tell Me Your Story

RedDeer.Games has announced that Tell Me Your Story has now sold over 20,000 units worldwide across both PC and Nintendo Switch.

Source: RedDeer.Games (Twitter)


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