Switch milestones: Suika Game / Balatro, and more

Suika Game

Aladdin X has announced that Suika Game has now been downloaded over 8 million times worldwide, across both Nintendo Switch and iOS. No platform breakdown is provided.

The last update for the game was 5.9 million downloads back in January. It would appear that the release of the mobile version and the multiplayer pack on Nintendo Switch last month did provide a substantial boost to the game (though online is still to come).

Source: Aladdin X


Playstack has announced that Balatro has now sold over 500,000 units worldwide since launch (10 days ago), across all platforms. No regional or platform breakdown is provided, but considering the game is currently unavailable in Europe due to age rating issue, Nintendo Switch sales in that region must be pretty lacking…

Source: Playstack (Twitter)

Persona series

SEGA has announced that total shipments (retail shipments + digital sales) for the various games in the Persona series have surpassed 22 million units: 22.6 million units as of March 5th 2024, to be precise.

Source: SEGA

Senren * Banka

Yususoft has announced that Senren * Banka has now sold over 500,000 units worldwide, across both Nintendo Switch and PC (though no breakdown is provided). The previous milestone was 400,000 units back in October 2023, so that’s about 100,000 units sold in about 4 months.

Source: Automaton Media


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