Superbeat: Xonic Extra Soundtrack now available for purchase/streaming

Superbeat: Xonic is a rhythm game developed by PM Studios, and released on Nintendo Switch last year (on the Nintendo eShop and at retail). If you really liked the music, and would like to purchase / stream it in a legal manner, you will be glad to learn that the Superbeat: Xonic Extra Soundtrack is now available for purchase and/or streaming.

This is a 15-track compilation album featuring music from several acclaimed artists, such as “Hitoshi Sakimoto’s Basiscape team, electronic master Shinji “MEGATEN” Hosoe and his SuperSweep studio, trance artist bLiNd, EDM artist Steven Silo, and the UK’s sentimental synth-pop sensation, Bentley Jones”.

The album can be purchase/streamed from the following websites:

Here’s the full tracklist for the album:

01. Steven Silo – “Select, Start”
02. Takahiro Eguchi – “Blue Screen”
03. Shinji Hosoe – “Debonair heavy industry”
04. Ayako Saso – “Missing Parts”
05. Yousuki Yasui – “Expressive Air 06”
06. Ayako Saso – “Indigo Wind”
07. Shinji Hosoe – “Zombie Chase”
08. Bentley Jones – “Talk 2 U”
09. Bentley Jones – “Oh-Wei-Oh”
10. Bentley Jones – “STUTTA 2.0”
11. bLiNd – “Americana Exotica – Red Bandit”
12. Ayako Saso – “Afternoon of Summer”
13. Basiscape – “ねこくん”
14. Steven Silo – “Donut Island”
15. bLiNd – “Skyline – Endless”

In case you’re wondering: all 15 tracks from this album are playable in Superbeat: Xonic, though they need to be purchased as DLC.

Source: PM Studios PR


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