Super Smash Bros. Ultimate: all you need to know about DLC, Fighter Pass

Super Smash Bros. for Wii U and Nintendo 3DS received quite a lot of additional content as paid DLC: new fighters, stages, Mii Fighter costumes, and more. Of course, it was all but guaranteed that Super Smash Bros. Ultimate would get some, and that’s precisely what was announced during the Nintendo Direct presentation on November 1st 2018.

On this page, you will find all there is to know about the DLC for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate: the DLC sets, the Fighter Pass, the early purchase bonus, and more!

Important note: make sure you download the latest Software update for the game, as it’s required to access the latest DLC: click here for more details!

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate – What’s in a DLC set? What’s the Fighter Pass?

The DLC for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate will be released as sets including the following:

  • 1 new fighter
  • 1 new stage
  • several music tracks

Each set costs $5.99 / 5.99€ / CA$7.55 / £5.39. If you want, you can buy the Fighter Pass, which includes all 5 sets of DLC for $24.99 / 24.99€ / CA$31.49 / £22.49 (allowing you to save a few bucks). The Fighter Pass also includes a little bonus: an in-game outfit based on Rex from Xenoblade Chronicles 2.

If you decide to buy the game on the Nintendo eShop, you can buy a bundle including both the main game and the Fighter Pass. It does not offer any additional discount or bonus, but it’s one pretty convenient purchase option!

There’s also some additional Mii costumes available, with more details to be found below.

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate – DLC line-up and schedule

Early purchase bonus (Piranha Plant)

If you purchased the game before January 31st, you could get an extra fighter: Piranha Plant. To get it, you had to buy the game and claim your points on My Nintendo (read below to find out how to do that) before January 31st. If you didn’t, no need to worry: Piranha Plant was also be released as paid DLC at a later date (NB: it’s NOT part of the 5 sets!).


  • Fighter: Piranha Plant
  • Stage: N/A
  • Music: N/A
  • Price: Free as early purchase bonus. Regular price: $4.99 / CA$6.29 / 4.99€ / £4.49
  • Availability: now available for everyone
  • Requires: Ver. 2.0.0 or more recent

To redeem your My Nintendo coins for the game, and become eligible for the early purchase bonus, here’s what you have to do:

  • digital version: nothing to do, simply buying the game automatically redeems the coins without you having to do anything
  • physical version: select the game icon in the Home Menu of your Nintendo Switch, then press + or – to head to the Options page. Then, select My Nintendo Rewards Programme, then Earn Points (game card version only).

Also, you need to make sure that your Nintendo Account is set to receive emails from Nintendo: check out on this page! After all, the DLC code will be sent to you via email, at the address you used for your Nintendo Account. You will then have until June 30th 2019 to redeem your code via the Nintendo eShop.

Fighter Pass

This is basically the Expansion Pass for the game. It includes the 5 DLC sets for the game.


  • Contents: all 5 DLC sets listed below + in-game outfit based on Rex from Xenoblade Chronicles 2 for your Mii Fighter (complete with music and Spirits from the Xenoblade Chronicles series)
  • Price: $24.99 / 24.99€ / CA$31.49 / £22.49
  • Availability: now (Rex’s outfit will be available from launch, on December 7th)
DLC Set 1
  • Fighter: Joker (from Persona 5) [more details]
  • Stage: Mementos [more details]
  • Music: “Last Surprise” (Persona 5), “Beneath the Mask” (New Arrangement) (Persona 5), “Wake Up, Get Up, Get Out There” (Persona 5), “Rivers in the Desert” (Persona 5), “Our Beginning” (Persona 5), “Reach Out To The Truth” (Persona 4), “I’ll Face Myself” (New Arrangement) (Persona 4), “Time To Make History” (Persona 4), “Mass Destruction” (Persona 3), “Battle Hyman of the Soul” (Persona 3), “Aria of the Soul” (New Arrangement)
  • Price: $5.99 / 5.99€ / CA$7.55 / 602 Yen / £5.39
  • Availability: April 17th/18th 2019
  • Requires: Ver. 3.0.0 or more recent
DLC Set 2
  • Fighter: Protagonist from Dragon Quest XI: Echoes of an Elusive Age (+potagonist of Dragon Quest III, IV, and VIII as alt-costumes)
  • Stage: ???
  • Music: ???
  • Price: $5.99 / 5.99€ / CA$7.51 / 602 Yen / £5.39
  • Availability: Summer 2019
  • Requires: Ver. ??? or more recent
DLC Set 3
  • Fighter: Banjo-Kazooie
  • Stage: ???
  • Music: ???
  • Price: $5.99 / 5.99€ / CA$7.51 / 602 Yen / £5.39
  • Availability: Fall 2019
  • Requires: Ver. ??? or more recent
DLC Set 4
  • Fighter: ???
  • Stage: ???
  • Music: ???
  • Price: $5.99 / 5.99€ / CA$7.51 / 602 Yen / £5.39
  • Availability: ???
  • Requires: Ver. ??? or more recent
DLC Set 5
  • Fighter: ???
  • Stage: ???
  • Music: ???
  • Price: $5.99 / 5.99€ / CA$7.51 / 602 Yen / £5.39
  • Availability: ???
  • Requires: Ver. ??? or more recent

Mii Costumes

Just like Super Smash Bros. for Wii U and Nintendo 3DS, Super Smash Bros. Ultimate is getting some additional Mii costumes.

Extra Mii Fighter Costumes Round 1

  • Availability: April 17th/18th 2019 [more details]
  • Price: $0.75 / 0.80€ / 74 Yen / £0.70
  • Requires: Ver. 3.0.0 or more recent
  • Costumes included:
    • Persona 3 protagonist hat + clothes
    • Persona 4 protagonist hat + clothes
    • Teddie hat
    • Morgana hat
    • Knuckles hat + clothes
    • Tails hat + clothes

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