Super Bomberman R: new update now available (Ver. 1.3), adds new stages and accessories

A few days ago, during a livestream, Konami announced that Super Bomberman R was going to get some DLC. We still know absolutely nothing about it, just that it will be available for free (which is a pretty nice surprise, given how paid DLC/micro-transactions-happy publishers can be).

And today, Konami announced that the first batch of DLC for Super Bomberman R would be released tonight/tomorrow (depending on the timezone of your region). To be more precise, the DLC will be part of the new Software update for the game.

Said update will bring the following:

  • more improvements for controls
  • adjustments for the difficulty (something players have been complaining about since the game launched, so it’s nice to see that particular issue finally adressed)
  • various improvements
  • new content

You can find the full patch notes on this page!

About the DLC, some new maps and accessories are now available:

  • 4 new VS stages are now available from the shop (White Cross, Lagoon, Max Speed, Power Zone);
  • 2 new series of accessories are now available from the shop (Crowns, Bombs).

Here’s some screenshots of the 4 new VS Stages:

Even if, for some strange reason, you’re not interested in this free DLC, make sure to download the new update as soon as possible: you will need it to keep playing online.

Source: Konami



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