Super Bomberman R to get some free DLC

Super Bomberman R is one of the games that launched alongside the Nintendo Switch, on March 3rd. It was the very first Bomberman game to be released in over 6 years. When the first update was released, a couple of weeks ago, Konami specified that it was the first of “many” updates meant to improvement Super Bomberman R.

And it turns out that one of the upcoming updates will add some new content to the game!

During a livestream on the Game Theorists’ YouTube channel, yesterday, it was announced that Super Bomberman R would get some DLC in the future. More specifically, Konami will release some additional stages and characters, though the exact line-up of additional content will be revealed at a later date. The best thing? That DLC will be completely free!

Here’s the teaser trailer for the DLC (starts at ~50:55):

It will be pretty interesting to see what Konami does with that DLC for Super Bomberman R: returning characters and stages from previous Bomberman games, new items… there’s a lot of possibilities! It’s certainly nice to see Konami supporting the game with DLC, especially for free. No doubt the good sales, especially in Japan, helped convince the higher-ups to greenlight it.

Unfortunately, we don’t know when that free DLC for Super Bomberman R will be released…

Source: TheGame Theorists



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