Story of Seasons: Trio of Towns DLC Localization Blog #1

Remember the DLC for Story of Seasons: Trio of Towns, which is coming to North America? Well, its release is as close as ever: in the latest localisation blog post, XSEED reveal that it’s close to completion. We don’t have a release date or even pricing yet, but at least, we know there’s not much longer to wait before we find out.

In the localisation blog post, XSEED reveals that the DLC (that covers four updates, released over six months in Japan) contains no less than 210 000 Japanese characters, which is about 1/10 of the total game text.

They also explained how they dealt with Woofio’s unique speech patterns:

In Japanese, Woofio’s doggerel is mostly expressed with the sentence ending “-wan,” which is the sound that dogs make in Japanese. His Japanese name—Wantatan—even uses it. This is similar to how cats and catgirls use “-nyan.” Woofio’s Japanese dialogue does contain some animal puns and references, but the brunt of the work of characterizing him as doglike is done through the almost constant use of this “-wan” grammar. Because English doesn’t have a similar structure, we had to get a bit cleverer (and by that I mean dumber) for our text. That said, we were careful not to overdo it, as that wouldn’t have been true to the spirit of the text either. I don’t know about Nick and Danielle, but I had a lot of fun localizing the DLC.

The blog post also goes over the contents of the DLC, such as the new events, and more.

But that’s not all: a free patch will also be released alongside the DLC. That patch adds a menu to purchase the DLC in the first place, but it also includes bug fixes…

  • the Ludus Beverage Bash progress stopper
  • the bug that prevented players from being able to designated a furmiliar from the 7th spot or lower on their pet list
  • and more…

… and typo fixes…

  • the seasonal suns mislabeled in the cellar
  • the repeating dialogue in a few events
  • and more…

Finally, the patch (available to all players, for free), will also include changes that XSEED consider “fixes” rather than DLC, such as:

  • tutorial text listing out the contents of each ingredient group used in recipe
  • a warning from the part-time job recruiters to pick up delivery orders before the shop closes
  • and more…

Here’s a couple of screenshots for the DLC:

Story of Seasons: Trio of Towns (3DS) will be released on October 13th in Europe. The DLC will be released soon in North America, but hasn’t been announced for Europe yet.

Source: XSEED



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