Stella Glow: trailer for Witch Tuning

Stella GlowYesterday, Atlus USA uploaded a trailer for Stella Glow, introducing one of the main mechanics of the game: Witch Tuning. As mentionned previously, you need the help of 4 witches in order to save the world, and prevent Hilda (the Witch of Destruction) from crystalizing the world. More precisely, you need their song magic, and they’re the only left who can use it.

That magic can have various effects in battle, but in order for it to be really effective, you need to tune the songs… or rather the Witches themselves. This involves going into their hearts in order to defeat all the anxiety, fears, and nightmares inside (which materialised as monsters). Doing so will allow the Witches to learn new songs.

Of course, there’s a catch: since you alternate between Free Time/Mission Time (with a limited amount of time between missions), you cannot spend too much time tuning the witches. You’ll have to make decisions, and try to balance everything out.

Here’s the trailer for Witch Tuning in Stella Glow:

Stella Glow (3DS) comes out later this year in North America, and in Spring 2016 in Europe.

Source: Atlus USA


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