Stella Glow: second 3DS theme, early purchase bonuses

Last week, SEGA revealed a trailer for Stella Glow, showcasing the characters, a bit of the story, and the various gameplay systems. At the very end, it announced that players buying the game at launch would be able to get a free Nintendo 3DS Theme.

Today, thanks to, we have a better look at the theme:

But it turns out there’s a second Nintendo 3DS Theme, for Hilda. Unlike the first one, this second theme will only be available at

But that’s not all: SEGA also revealed the various early purchase bonuses for Stella Glow (each retail getting his own goodie). The official website lists which retail will carry which goodie.

– postcard sets
– a QUO Card
– some CDs
– a Mini Cross
– a tapestry
– badges
– and more

Here’s pictures of the various goodies:

Stella Glow (3DS) comes out on June 4th in Japan.




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