Stella Glow: new trailer showcases story, character and gameplay systems

It’s been quite a while since we last heard about Stella Glow, and to make up for that silence, SEGA has just uploaded the first actual trailer for the game (after the teaser trailer revealed last month). It showcases various things, from the story (with animated cutscenes), some characters, but also some of the gameplay mechanics.

The characters showcased include:

– Alto
– Risette
– Klaus
– Popo
– Sakuya
– Moldimolt
– Dante
– Dorothy
– Hilda

In this game, you’ll have to fight against Hilda, an evil witch trying to crystalise the world with her magic. To oppose her, you’ll have to use the Song Magic of several witches, that you can get by deepening your bonds with them.

When not in battles, you will get some “Free Time”: you will be able to do various things, like chatting with the various characters, setting up your equipment (with special gems to equip, for example). There’s also some sidequests, called “Free Missions”, that you can do to get some nice rewards and train your characters. Be warned though: your free time is limited, so you’d better think hard before deciding what to do.

Finally, the trailer shows what seems to be special dungeons within the witches’ hearts: beating those allow you to get new Song Magic, by tuning in with them and defeating the negative feelings within them.

Here’s the trailer for Stella Glow:

At the very end, SEGA indicates that player buying game at launch will be able to get a free Nintendo 3DS Theme. However, they will need to use it before June 30th.

Stella Glow (3DS) comes out on June 4th in Japan, and later this year in North America.


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