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Splatoon: an official web app with friend list, map rotation, more; screenshots and artworks

Web app

Today, Nintendo launched an official web app for Splatoon in Japan. Just like the Mario Kart 8 web app, it gives access to several features related to Splatoon. There’s actually 4 of them:

Friend List: allows you to see who is online. You can also send an “invite” to your friends, telling them you want to play: you chose the time you’d like to start, the mode, the weapon, and you’re good to go! Once you’re done, your “invite” will show up in the friend list for everyone to see. You can even send a tweet via the website, to make sure your friends see you want to play!
Ranking: allows you to check out the ranking for your friends (along with their equipment). There’s two categories: Regular Battles and Ranked Battles.
Your Profile: after playing Splatoon (ver. 2.0.0), you can see your current equipment and more.
Schedule: you can see the maps and modes currently available in Regular and Ranked Battles, as well as those coming in the next couple of hours.

Here’s some screencaps:

Source: Splatoon

Screenshots and music sample

Here’s some screenshots and artworks for the first major Software update for Splatoon:

There’s also a sample of one of the new music tracks:

Source: Famitsu

Notice regarding the update

If you get an error after downloading the update for Splatoon (code: 104-2230), Nintendo recommend that you turn off your Wii U and restart it: this is apparently a temporary and rather minor issue that can easily be fixed with a simple reboot.


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