Splatoon 3: latest details, pictures, videos from the Squid Research Lab (Archives)

In this post, you will find the archives of all the Squid Research Lab updates for Splatoon 3 from February 10th to September 7th 2022. For the most recent updates, make sure to check out this post instead!

September 7th

The latest report from the Squid Research Lab introduces a new music track: Tentacle to the Metal by Damp Socks feat. Off the Hook.

September 6th

The latest report from the Squid Research Lab is about Recon.

If you head to the Recon Guide, you can choose your favourite stage and take a walk there: that’s called Recon. It’s pretty handy when you want to do some recon ahead of a battle!

Next, we have details about Crab-N-Go, located to the right of the Lobby’s entrance. You can exchange Tickets for food and drinks that can boost the amount of cash and experience you get during battles. Some of the items sold there also provide a boost to your allies, so make sure to drop by Crab-N-Go before you head into battle, especially if you’re playing with your friends!

Also, in the Lobby, you will find the Shell-Out Machine. You can use your hard-earned cash to try and get various prizes such as Tickets to use in shops, or ability chunks. There’s also some rare things for your Splashtag that you can only find there!

Finally, the Squid Research Lab gives us details about mysterious shopkeepers simply known as “Staff”. Sometime, you will find them at the Departures and Arrivals Information Center, other times at the Tableturf Battle Dojo, and even at the Lobby… It’s not clear if it’s the same person, or just several characters who just happen to look the exact same. One thing’s for certain, though: they sure know a lot about Splatsville!

As an extra, the Squids Research Lab introduced a brand new weapon: the REEF-LUX 450 (LACT-450 in Japanese). Each shot deals 45.0 damage, and the weapon is equipped with a function that allows you to keep a charge. However, there’s no cooling mechanism, and so the ink does not explode when it hits a target. You really need to aim directly at your opponents to deal any damage!

September 5th

The latest report from the Squid Research Lab is about customization.

In the Equip menu, you can check out all the Weapons and Gear you have acquired. There, you can edit your equipment loadout depending on the modes and the stages you’re about to play. Also, the sorting options have been powered-up, making it even easier for you to find the right Gear and/or Weapon!

Also, a new feature has been added: you can now save your equipment (Weapons, Gears) and camera options as sets (called Freshest Fits). You can save up to 5 different Freshest Fits, on top of your current equipment loadout.

And that’s not all: the Freshest Fits you’ve saved can also be edited via the SplatNet 3 service (available via the Nintendo Switch Online app on smart devices). Even when you can’t play, you can review your equipment ahead of your next battle, or even show off your outfit to your friends.

Speaking of SplatNet 3, it offers features not found in SplatNet 2, such as a rank history function. There’s also Wandercrust Tour, where you can support Crusty Sean as he travels around the Splatlands.

September 2nd

The latest report from the Squid Research Lab is all about Salmon Run.

In Splatsville, you will find a company called Grizzco Industries, whose office is open 24 hours a day. They’re always recruiting Inklings and Octolings for part-time jobs. In Splatoon 3, the evaluation system has been enhanced, and now features a new rank: Eggsecutive VP, which offers an even better pay rate (333% max) than Profreshional 200…. but work is even more perilous!

Just like the Battle Lobby, Grizzco Industries has a waiting room. In-between part-time jobs, you can practive your Egg Throws, but also try out the various weapons available for that day. A new mode has also been added: Private Part-Time Job, where you can practice Salmon Runs with your friends.

If you keep on taking part-time jobs, you will not only end up smelling like Salmonid Eggs, you will also get to encounter the terrible King Salmonid during the Xtrawave (after Wave 3). To defeat it, you will have to use the Egg Cannons to shoot Eggs at it and damage it. Depending on how much damage you and your fellow part-time workers end up dealing within the time limit, you may get a precious reward: fish scales!

At the Grizzco Industries office, you will also find the reward counter, where you can get various rewards depending on your work performances. You can also exchange your Salmon Scales for items such as new work clothes!

September 1st

Today, the Squid Research Lab decided to share some details about Hero Mode, the single-player component of Splatoon 3.

Hero Mode features various stages filled with gimmicks. It’s perfect for learning the basics of battles and the handling of weapons, so if you’re not too familiar with Splatoon (or if you simply need a refresher!), make sure to give it a try. You can access Hero Mode from the manhole in Splatsville.

While exploring the stages, you will be accompanied by a Salmonid buddy called Smallfry. You can throw it around in order to attack enemies and to use as decoy. It can also be used to activate variouys switches. Little buddy may be small, he’s one reliable and amazing companion!

Before you tackle a stage, you get to choose from among three types of weapons for you to use in that stage. Make sure to take advantage of their strengths to clear it!

Alongside the regular stages, there are also special “Challenge” stages where you have to reach the end without using a Weapon, or by moving around with the Zipcaster.

August 31st

Today’s report details a brand new addition to the Splatoon universe: Tableturf Battle. It’s a battle card game that can be played at the Tableturf Battle Dojo (located in a vacant lot in Splatsville).

In this game, you paint territory not with weapons, but with cards, with each card corresponding to a specific shape. Just like in actual Turf Wars, it’s the player who has covered the most area in ink that wins.

There’s over 150 cards to collect, allowing you to build your own deck. Go and battle other players to expand your territory on a different stage!

The Squid Research Lab also shared pictures of the instructions for Tableturf Battle. While it’s the kind of the game where you have to play to get used to the rules, reading those instructions certainly has its merits: they explain how to place cards, paint squares, and how to accumulate points to launch special attacks!

Here is the instructions for the Nawavatra. It’s better to get used to it than to learn, but the rules for placing cards and painting squares and how to accumulate points for special attacks are described, so it’s a good idea to read them carefully.

August 30th

The latest report from the Squid Research Lab is about The Shoal: an Arcade center located in Splatsville. This is where you need to go if you want to play with other players via local wireless. You can take part in Private Battles and in Salmon Run shifts.

August 29th

The latest report from the Squid Research Lab share some more details about the two types of battles available during Splatfests:

It seems there are two types of Splatfest battles: Open and Pro. Choose Open to squad up with your friends or play solo against randoms. Pro mode is serious business for solo players only. You can try both!

Also, we get some more details about Anarchy Battles, a ranked mode that offer some extreme battles for players in search of a good challenge. There’s two options for you to choose from:

  • Challenge: you and other players compete in teams in order to see how many wins you can rack up before you end up losing 3 matches
  • Open: the same as Challenge, but this time, you can play with friends

And here’s the modes available in Anarchy Battles:

  • Splat Zones
  • Tower Control
  • Rainmaker
  • Clam Blitz

Those modes features a few twists for returning players, like the new checkpoint in Rainmaker. If you ever need information about a given mode, make sure to press the – button in the Lobby to check out the rules!

In an upcoming update, Nintendo will add an even more extreme mode for those who can’t be satisfied with standard ranked modes: X Battle. This mode will be restricted to players with a certain rank, and will require players to risk their X Power to climb up the ranks.

And if you just want to play with your friends, you will be able to set up Private Battles from the Lobby. You will be able to choose your favourite stages and modes. Also, in Private Battles, you can freely walk around the stages, which is pretty handy when you want to research them with your teammates!

August 26th

The latest report of the Squid Research Lab details Gear.

Gear is divided in three categories: Head, Top, and Shoes. But wearing clothes isn’t just about looking fashionable, as each piece of Gear has its own set of Gear Powers. Those are quite varied, and can allow you to run faster or increase the refill rate of your ink tank.

Splatoon 3 introduces two new Gear Powers: Sub Resistance Up and Intensify Action.

With Sub Resistance Up, you will be able to keep your momentum even when performing several Squid Rolls in a row. It also reduces the charge time of the Squid Surge. And that’s not all: this Gear Power can also reduce the accuracy penalty you normally get after performing those actions and/or jumping.

After performing a Squid Roll or a Squid Surge, you will be enveloped in a vortex of ink, which can deflect some damage. However, if you end up taking too much damage, the vortex will disappear. The same happens if you switch back to Inkling or Octoling form too quickly. Make sure not to grow overconfident, and instead make use of that ability at the right time!

Today’s report also introduces another character: Murch. He allows you to tweak the Gear Powers attached to your favourite Gear. He was quite small in Splatoon 2, but it looks like he’s undergone quite the growth spurt since then! But it’s not just his size that has increased: his technique has improved too, and he can now change the primary Gear Powers of a given piece of Gear! And as usual, he can order gear you see on other players for you.

Finally, here’s a video showcasing a new addition to battles in Splatoon 3: WIPEOUT!!! When all the players on a team have been splatted, WIPEOUT!!! will be displayed on the screen, adding to the excitement of the battle. If it’s the opposing team that has been wiped out, this is your chance for you and your teammates to launch an all-out attack. But if it’s your team that was wiped out, do not lose heart: it’s time for you to fight back!

August 25th

The Splatoon 3: Splatfest World Premiere demo is now live! You can go and cast your vote, and receive your complimentary Splatfest Tee. The actual Splatfest isn’t live just yet, but you can already share handwritten messages and drawings.

In the demo, you cannot go and do some shopping to equip yourself before battle. Instead, you will have to choose from among a selection of Weapons and Gear. Press the + button to customise your Inkling or Octoling!

Splatoon 3 features some new customization elements: Splashtags. You can choose a design you like, and pick up a title. To do so, open up the main menu by pressing the X button, and then go to the Player Information tab. By the way, you will be able to register your username after completing your first battle!

Finally, the latest report from the Squid Research Lab introduces another store: Crush Station. If you’re looking for footwear (sneakers, sandals, leather shoes), this is the shop you want to check out! The store manager is one Mr. Coco, who is far kinder than he looks. Don’t let his appearance scare you into avoiding his store: the atmosphere inside is quite calming, so much so that many Inklings and Octolings end up staying for a long time!

August 24th

The latest report from the Squid Research Lab shares details about another store: Man-o’-Wardrobe. This one mostly sells tops such as t-shirts and jackets. The shopkeeper is one Jel La Fleur, a jellyfish. Look for the sleek shop on the main street in Splatstville!

August 23rd

The latest report from the Squid Research Lab is about a new store called Naut Couture (called golden ratio in Japanese, as a reference to the shape of the owner’s shopkeeper), which can be found on the 2nd floor of the building where Ammo Knights is located.

In this store, you will find everything you need when it comes to head Gear (hats, masks, glasses, and more). The two shopkeepers are Gnarly Eddy (a shy nautilus) and Nails (a cool sea snail).

August 22nd

The latest report from the Squid Research Lab is about the brand new Ammo Knights store opened by Sheldon. This new store is located in Splatsville, and offers the same high level of customer service as the other two. Sheldon’s extensive knowledge about Weapons and his discerning eye are still without pair.

In order to ensure this new flagship store takes off, Sheldon himself is acting a store manager, directly sharing his passion for weapons with customers.

In order to buy weapons, you need Sheldon Licences as this new Ammo Knights location doesn’t take cash. You get those precious licences by taking part in battles and by raising your rank, but also by using the same weapon during a certain amount of time. A Sheldon Licence can only be exchanged for a weapon that matches your rank.

One thing that didn’t change compared to the other two Ammo Knights locations is that you can still try before buying!

August 19th

The latest report from the Squid Research Lab is out, and shares lots of details about the Lobby and its related features:

Splatlands’ main tower is home to the all-new lobby. Here, you can customise your locker, warm up on the test range, view recent results and replays, and team up with friends by talking to their ghost!

At the center of all multiplayer battles, the lobby is equipped with state-of-the-art facilities to help Inklings and Octolings get matched up in Turf War battles and more.

Before hopping directly into battle, lobby patrons can get warmed up by trying out various weapons on the test range…or even practice new moves like the Squid Surge on a special test wall. It’s all so new and clean! Ugh, laboratory goals…

Back to the science! Another new lobby feature is holographic equipment that projects other players’ images as “ghosts.” Want to join a friend in battle? Talk to their ghost! You can also track real-time player actions via ghosts. Wow. We just have a haunted petri dish at SRL.

Here’s a closer look at the lobby terminal. You can use it to view recent battle results and even watch replay footage! Hey, you could use this like a sports star—watching film for hours before the big game. Or you could just check out everyone’s gear, which sounds more relaxing.

Speaking of sports, let’s check out the new locker room! Given the focus on fashion in the Splatlands, these lockers aren’t just for storage. Folks trick them out with gear, stickers, and other decor. Is the Fashion Desk jealous? We did see them shopping for stickers online…

Fortunately, cool stickers and other decorations can be obtained locally at Hotlantis. Nobody knows the store better than Harmony, who has spent so much time shopping there that the owner pretty much leaves her in charge. Check in daily for a rotating selection of goodies!

Oh, you can also get your catalog at Hotlantis! The catalog is filled with seasonal gear and items that you can collect by participating in battles and taking on Salmon Run jobs. There’s a new one every three months, so you’ll always have a fresh selection to keep you busy.

August 18th

Today’s report from the Squid Research Lab shares some more details about Special Weapons in Splatoon 3.

Alongside the new additions, the game also features the following returning Special Weapons: Inkjet, Tenta Missiles, Ink Storm, Booyah Bomb, Ultra Stamp.

At launch, Splatoon 3 will feature no less than 15 Special Weapons, including 10 brand new ones!

August 17th

Today’s Special Weapon showcase is about the Reefslider. It’s a shark-shaped float that you can ride at full speed like an actual bike. Any opponent you hit will be splatted the moment you touch them. If you ever go off-course or if you press the ZR button, the Reefslider will explode, spreading ink all around.

You need to be careful with this Special Weapon, because there’s a slight delay between the moment you unleash the Reefslider and the moment it starts moving where it’s not invulnerable. But once it’s kicked off, it’s simply unstoppable, and enemy attacks won’t do anything. You can activate it from a distance, but you need to aim well because you can’t change direction midway through. Make sure not to land in the water!

[Check out the video called “New Special Weapon: Reefslider” in the playlist above!]

August 16th

Today, we get to see a new Special Weapon in action: the Wave Breaker.

When the tip hits the ground, it generates a shockwave that inflicts damage to opponents, and marks them. Try placing this special weapon in the middle of a heated battle to cause mayhem!

As the video below shows, it’s possible to avoid being hit by the Wave Breaker: you simply need to jump with the right timing, and you will dodge the shockwaves. You might think that allowing opponents to dodge the attack is a flaw, but it’s actually the opposite: since the only way to avoid being hit is by jumping, the weapon can actually force opponents hiding in ink to reveal themselves!

[Check out the video called “New Special Weapon: Wave Breaker” in the playlist above!]

August 15th

Today, the Squid Research Lab shared its findings about a new type of Special Weapon found in Splatoon 3: the Tacticooler.

It looks like some sort of cooler, that you place on the ground. There’s 4 cold drinks inside, and drinking one allows you to move faster for a certain amount of time. Also, you get to respawn right away if you get splatted before its effects have run out! Share the drinks with your teammates and go on the offensive! And that’s not all: the Tacticooler can also be used as an improvised shield!

When deciding where to place the Tacticooler, try to focus on areas where you and your teammates can easily grab one of the drinks, so that it can serve as a starting point for your team’s offense (instead of placing it in a remote corner of the map).

Here’s a video of the Tacticooler in action:

[Check out the video called “New Special Weapon: Tacticooler” in the playlist above!]

August 12th

The latest report from the Squid Research Lab introduces one of the new classes of weapons found in Splatoon 3: the Splatana class!

SRL back and fully recovered from our wild day of tweeting with new research on splatana-type weapons. These swordlike implements can fire a horizontal slash of ink quickly or charge up to fire a powerful vertical blast. You can use both moves to slice and dice the competition!

We even get to see two weapons from that class: the Splatana Wiper and the Splatana Stamper:

[Check out the video called “Splatana class” in the playlist above!]

Let’s look at the Splatana Wiper. This is a thin, user-friendly splatana that uses sponge technology to ensure a balanced ink-fling with every swipe. Use horizontal slashes like jabs to keep opponents at bay while infiltrating enemy territory with your superior mobility!

Next, the Splatana Stamper! This is a heavy weapon that can drench opponents in ink using horizontal slashes or charged slashes. Hit ’em with a charged slash, and then pepper in horizontal slashes while they’re reeling. Splatana-BOOYAH-rama! You, uh, don’t have to say that.

August 5th

The latest report from the Squid Research Lab introduces a brand new music track: Paintscraper, by the band C-Side!

You’re listening to “Paintscraper”, the latest offering from C-Side. Musically, they’ve welded a shiny rainbow melody to a thrash-metal skeleton and added all kinds of chrome spikes. Turn up the volume and shake the whole house!

August 3rd

The latest report from the Squid Research Lab introduces yet another returning brand: Zink!

Attention, inky athletes! The SRL Fashion Desk has relieved our AI intern (phew) to manually report the return of Zink, the industry-leading sportswear brand. Their line of retro revivals and creative collabs will help you sweat in style, if such a thing is possible. Gross.

July 29th

The latest report from the Squid Research Lab introduces yet another returning brand…. Inkline!

Inkline is a dirty outdoor brand!!! They specialize in colorful, eye-grabbable gear that also has functions.

July 27th

The latest report from the Squid Research Lab introduces another returning brand…. Skalop!

Hat hero Skalop is back and raising the bar yet again above brow level. Their classic cap remains true to form, while some new designs seem set to ignite Splatsville’s rebellious youth

July 25th

The latest report from the Squid Research Lab introduces another class of weapons: the Brella!

Meet the brella! Open one up to defend against enemy barrages, then launch it right into their surprised faces. Brellas can also fire ink, of course.

We get to see two such weapons: the Splat Brella and the Tenta Brella!

[Check out the video called “Brella class” in the playlist above!]

The Splat Brella performs well in a variety of defensive positions. Users can wield the umbrella portion to fend off attacks from in front, but that leaves them open from the sides and back. Watch your behind!

The Tenta Brella is less umbrella and more…tent. It has a wider area of shielding that protects you and your allies. Users may find it slow going, but a single well-aimed shot will teach any foe the true meaning of camping.

July 22nd

The latest report from the Squid Research Lab introduces another returning brand: Splash Mob!

Splash Mob has built their reputation on uniquely timeless designs featuring high-quality craftsmanship. We’ve found that their signature casual-yet-refined style is alive and kicking it in Splatsville. Think of their look as hip yet sophisticated. Sophipsticated, even.

July 20th

The latest report from the Squid Research Lab introduces two things:

  • Sunken Scroll: those secret items are back in Splatoon 3. As always, they’re hidden in various places in Hero Mode, and finding them will allow you to learn more about the mysteries of the world. Your Smallfry companion will help you locate them.
  • Firefin: this brand is back in Splatoon 3!

Have you stared into the angry eyes of the FishFry? Then you’re already familiar with Firefin, the brand for the streets, by the streets. Feel gritty—look fresh. Like diving into the ocean after getting sand in your shorts.

July 19th

The latest report from the Squid Research Lab introduces a sub-class of the Roller-class: Brushes!

Squid Research Lab here, ready to brush up on brushes! Hold ZR while using a brush to sprint at a tremendous speed and lay down a tactical ribbon of ink. You can also use rapid-fire brush swings to turn an opponent’s face into the kind of abstract art that’s worth millions!

Two weapons are showcased: the Inkbrush and the Octobrush!

[Check out the video called “Inkbrush / Octobrush” in the playlist above!]

The Inkbrush isn’t the most powerful weapon, but it makes up for it with style and panache, like our new tie-dye lab coats “someone” “ordered by mistake.” It can be used to advance quickly while inking turf with dizzying flourishes, which can really mess with opponents’ heads.

The Octobrush is a work of art itself, crafted from the finest wood and fitted with bristles hand selected for massive ink retention. As you’d expect, it splashes hard and far but uses lots of ink with each stroke. Still, even as a scientist, I know a masterpiece when I see one.

July 15th

The latest report from the Squid Research Lab introduces a new brand found in Splatoon 3: Shichiri (official English name TBA!):

Squid Research Lab back with a scorching-hot report on a new brand: Emberz! The brand has a rebellious vibe and was developed to reflect the ethos of the chaotic city of Splatsville. We can only hope that tweeting about it like this doesn’t ruin its street cred.

July 13th

The latest report from the Squid Research Lab introduces another returning brand… Rockenberg!

Squid Research Lab Footwear & Glasses division here reporting on the Rockenberg brand. The new gear we’re seeing from Rockenberg is rugged enough to survive the Splatlands and stylish enough to impress everyone at the Fashion Desk.

July 11th

The latest report from the Squid Research Lab is all about the Dualies class of weapons!

Squid Research Lab Ballistics here, back from vacation with a report on dualie-type weapons! These classic dual-wield inkers allow you to press B to perform a Dodge Roll while shooting. It’s a smart tactical move, and our intern assures me that it “makes you look like a boss.”

Two weapons are showcased: the Splat Dualies and the Dapple Dualies!

[Check out the video called “Dualies class” in the playlist above!]

Let’s look at two examples. Here we have the Splat Dualies, a classic dualie set that derives its Dodge Roll power from the momentum generated by the ink blast. Users can perform two consecutive Dodge Rolls and follow them up with a rapid-fire barrage—if they nail the timing!

And here are the Dapple Dualies—a lighter dualie set known for super-fast Dodge Rolls. That speed comes at the expense of range, but make no mistake—these dualies still hit hard and are capable of dumping a LOT of ink in a hurry. Sneak up behind an opponent for the best results!

July 4th

The latest report from the Squid Research Lab introduces one of the new stages found in Splatoon 3: Mincemeat Metalworks!

[Check out the video called “New Stage: Mincemeat Metalworks” in the playlist above!]

This new multiplayer stage, Mincemeat Metalworks, was made from scrap metal in order to make more scrap metal. There used to be a sea here, but it evaporated, leaving behind a wasteland.

July 1st

The latest report from the Squid Research Lab covers 3 different topics:

  • Splatoon 3 features a new type of eye colour. You can now have eyes with three different colours!

These player-selectable, triple-tone peepers are unique to the Splatlands!

  • Alongside new ones, Splatoon 3 will feature all customisation options from past games (bottoms, hairstyles, eyebrows, eye colors, skin colors, etc.). Naturally, you can mix old and new options to create your perfect Inkling / Octoling!

Between new features and returning favourites, players will have more options than ever to create characters that express their individual styles.

  • a returning brand is showcases: Zekko!

One more update—a report from the Fashion Desk on Zekko! Known for stylish, functional, street-savvy gear, Zekko isn’t just for skaters. It’s for skaters, punks, skate punks, crust punks, gutter punks, punk punks, skater skaters, and grandmas. That’s NOT a typo—my nana can ollie.

June 29th

The latest report from the Squid Research Lab is about the new types of eyebrows found in Splatoon 3!

It seems that Inklings and Octolings now have full eyebrow autonomy. In other words, you can literally browse brows!

June 27th

The latest report from the Squid Research Lab introduces the Blaster class!

As the name implies, blasters eject ink that explodes at a distance. This allows for advanced tactics such as “totally splatting campers who are hiding behind walls”.

We even get a look at two weapons from that class: the Range Blaster and the Luna Blaster!

[Check out the video called “Blaster class” in the playlist above!]

The Range Blaster is a powerful weapon that can fully coat an opponent in ink from any range…but it fires…so…so…slowly.

With a rapid fire rate and explosive ink coverage, the Luna Blaster is great for close combat. And it’s see-through! The new design is so hot that it’s hard to find at stores.

June 24th

The latest report from the Squid Research Lab reveals that Off The Hook are back in Splatoon 3.

Right now, Pearl and Marina are on a world tour, and it appears that they have scouted some unknown but talented musicians to form a band called “Damp Socks feat. Off The Hook”. You will get to hear their songs during battles!

While on tour, Off the Hook seems to have scouted a few new members and reformed as an act calling itself “Damp Socks feat. Off the Hook”.

Here’s the first single of that band, Candy-Coated Rocks:

You’re listening to “Candy-Coated Rocks,” the latest from Damp Socks feat. Off the Hook. Our audio anthropologist says Marina’s subtle piano work wraps around the guitar like an eel wrapping itself around whatever eels wrap themselves around (she’s not an eel scientist).

June 22nd

The latest report from the Squid Research Lab introduces 4 new hairstyles found in Splatoon 3:

Check out these four new hairstyles for Inklings and Octolings! Well, they’re tentacles to be exact, but let’s not split hairs.

June 20th

Today’s report from the Squid Research Lab introduces another brand… Annaki!

Squid Research Lab Fashion Desk here with new imagery of the latest from Annaki. Incorporating punk vibes into prêt–à–porter, everyday gear is the secret sauce that keeps Annaki’s stuff flying off the shelves. We hear the long-sleeve tees sell out the day they’re released!

June 17th

Today’s report from the Squid Research Lab introduces a brand new stage: Undertow Spillway!

[Check out the video called “New Stage: Undertow Spillway” in the playlist above!]

Undertow Spillway is a former flood bypass located deep under Splatsville. Abandoned for years, it surged in popularity after it was renovated into a stage for Turf War batlles!

June 15th

The latest report from the Squid Research Lab is about fashion in Splatoon 3!

The Splatlands are knee deep in legwear, with a robust array of colours, patterns, and styles. From distressed to dashing and hip to drip, you’ll surely find a perfect match with your fave gear and hair!

June 13th

Today’s update introduces another class of weapons making their comeback in Splatoon 3: the Splatling class!

Squid Research Lab Weapons Division here, checking in with our latest findings on splatlings. These heavy-duty weapons are designed to charge up and then unleash a torrent of rapid-fire ink. They usually don’t offer much in the way of mobility, but when they hit, they hit.

To be precise, we get a look at two weapons: the Hydra Splating and the Heavy Splatling!

[Check out the video called “Splating class” in the playlist above!]

First up, the Hydra Splatling! It uses compressed air to blast ink at an extremely high pressure. All that pressure takes time to build (note to self: we should learn the scientific formula to calculate this), but the resulting inksplosion is worth it. This one is heavy!

Speaking of heavy, how about the Heavy Splatling? The new model offers a frame to support the tank and valves, making it easier to refill. Because you know how expensive printer ink is, right? Well, this ink costs—Whoa. I don’t actually know how much. I smell a research grant!

June 10th

Today’s update introduces another returning brand… SquidForce!

Squid Research Lab Fashion Desk here with a report on SquidForce. It’s the official brand of Turf War battles, and it has put the functional-fashion world on notice with an updated Splattershot design! Next on the list? Making conservation even cooler with upcycled T-shirts.

June 8th

Today’s update introduces enemy Octolings (and their superior hair)!

See this confident cephalopod? That’s an enemy Octoling, and all potential Agent 3s should keep an eye out for them. They can move and attack just like you! The only difference? They have better hair.

June 6th

Today’s update introduces another class of weapons found in Splatoon 3: the Slosher class!

Far from being glorified buckets, sloshers are tactically advanced weapons that allow precise targeti— Ah…excuse me. I’m being told by the Bucket Logistics department that sloshers ARE glorified buckets.

We get to see two such weapons: the Tri-Slosher and the Explosher!

[Check out the video called “Slosher Class” in the playlist above!]

Nevertheless, behold the Tri-Slosher! This bucket weapon has three compartments, allowing a multidirectional splat with great coverage. And it seems the bucket-like design has been updated! It’s more…buckety…somehow. Help—the word “bucket” has lost all meaning!

Before I visit Linguistics to see if they can help me forget the word “bucket,” let me show off the heavy-duty Explosher. It fires exploding ink and it looks REALLY tough. There’s a psychological advantage to showing up to a Turf War battle with nothing but a scary bucket!

June 3rd

Today’s update introduces another returning brand: Tony Kensa!

You know Toni Kensa for its stylish yet rugged and accessible gear, but did you know the brand has a new lead designer and creative director? Well…it does! And they’re busy with a new line that’s sure to make a splash.

May 30th

Today’s update showcases Alterna, the mysterious place where Return of the Mammals (the Single-Player campaign) takes place:

We’ve identified several mysterious structures in the space known as Alterna. They’re not complete, so we can’t identify them.

May 28th

Today’s update introduces a new band: Front Roe!

Calling themselves Front Roe, this melodic pop-punk group has kids and squids (and Octolings) everywhere waving their tentacles along to the rhythm.

Here’s one of their songs, Sea Me Now:

May 27th

Today’s update introduces the Enperry brand!

The Enperry brand will be returning in Splatoon 3, offering playful and vibrant pieces like the Battlecrab Shell and Retro Framers pictured here. With a reputation for fresh collabs, this brand is worth keeping a close eye on.

May 25th

Today’s update introduces Medals!

Do you like being recognized for doing a good job? Sure—we all do! It seems that Splatoon 3 has a new system for bestowing post-match recognition in fun categories.

May 23rd

Today’s update introduces the Roller class of weapons, and more specifically the Splat Roller and the Dynamo Roller!

[Check out the video called “Roller class” in the playlist above!]

Squid Research Lab here, rolling out a report on rollers! These versatile weapons can lay down a wide path of ink on the ground or fling it forward for a more traditional attack.

Let’s take a look at the Splat Roller. This is an easy-handling roller that’s a great introduction to the “rolling life.” But make no mistake—it’s plenty capable, especially if you can master both horizontal and vertical swings.

For the advanced user, behold the Dynamo Roller! This heavyweight weapon swings more slowly than other rollers but offers more inkpower. Horizontal and vertical swings practically blanket the area with ink, making it a truly formidable flinger! And roller. It’s still a roller.

May 20th

Today’s update introduces another brand: Forge!

We’re testing the new Airflow & Hustle Jacket from Forge with built-in ventilation! Perfect for heated battles in the Splatlands and staying cool at all times.

May 18th

Today’s update is about the Octarian and their new (hairy) haircuts:

Octarians now seem to be sporting magnificent manes of hair. But don’t let those good locks fool you – warm ‘n’ fuzzy Octotroopers are still deadly!

May 16th

Today’s update is about a new sub weapon introduced in Splatoon 3: the Angle Shooter!

[Check out the video called “Angle Shooter” in the playlist above!]

The Angle Shooter is as direct as they come. This new sub-weapon shoots a straight line into the distance that bounces off surfaces. Enemies who touch the line are marked and take damage, helping you pin them down to splat with your main weapon!

May 13th

Today’s update is about the Tentatek brand!

The popular brand Tentatek has updated many of its classic designs with more recyclable and planet-friendly materials. And all this without making a dent in its fresh factor!

May 9th

Today’s update is all about the Charger class, with a specific focus on the Splat Charger, Classic Squiffer, and E-liter 4K.

Squid Research Lab back with a report on “charger” weapons. We’ve been saving this one for a while and building up power. And that’s exactly how these weapons work! Press and hold ZR patiently for a powerful shot that can hit faraway targets. Let’s see some examples.

This is the Splat Charger, a balanced weapon with good range and medium charge time. Our game-theory experts say that if you can attain the high ground with one of these, you’re “going to go all splat-a-tat-tat on the other team.” Is game theory science? We’re no longer sure.

Next up is the Classic Squiffer. It’s a lightweight charger that charges so quickly we hesitate to even call it a charger! (But to be technically correct, we will continue to do so.) It doesn’t have great range, but rewards a dynamic play style with plenty of stop-and-pop action.

Finally, we have the E-liter 4k. This is the granddaddy of the chargers—a weapon with massive range that takes a long time to charge and consumes tremendous amounts of ink. It’s not for everyone, but in the right hands, it can be devastating.

[Check out the video called “Charger class” in the playlist above!]

May 6th

Today’s update introduces Banners and a new Gear brand!

Inhabitants of the Splatlands use these colourful banners to show off their style – and not just in battles! They’re visible in a variety of settings and fully customisable based on gameplay.

Barazushi is a new clothing brand known for high-quality performance gear…like this hoodie made of ultra-fine sponges.

May 2nd

Today’s update introduces one of the weapon classes in Splatoon 3: Shooters! More specifically, we get a look at three weapons from that class: Splattershot, Splattershot Jr., and .96 Gal! Also, the Squid Research Lab reveals that all basic weapons from past games will be available in Splatoon 3 at launch!

On the surface, “shooter” weapons are pretty straightforward, but the range of functions and features these weapons possess is quite impressive indeed!

Some see the Splattershot as an entry-level shooter, but it boasts above-average performance in several areas. The latest Splatsville iteration features a new frame that offers added resilience and ease of maintenance.

This beauty is the .96 Gal – a high-impact, long-range weapon that packs a major punch. The ink tank has been modified to Splatlands specifications, and the barrel is sourced from a water-purification device. Talk about a clean shot!

The Splattershot Jr. is far from a child’s toy. It may not be the strongest or most accurate weapon, but it excels at rationing ink – ideal for expanding turf!

[Check out the video called “Shooters class” in the playlist above!]

April 28th

Today’s update is about one of the new Special Weapons: the Triple Inkstrike!

The Triple Inkstrike is a modified version of a weapon originally discovered in Inkopolis. Observe how a user can group ink strikes closely…or space them out strategically.

[Check out the video called “Triple Inkstrike” in the playlist above!]

April 27th

Today’s update is about one of the brands found in Splatoon 3!

The brand Takoroka has updated its legacy Arrows shoes. The new Arrows are lighter and more flexible with added ventilation.

April 25th

Today’s update shares details about another new weapon: the Ink Vac!

We’ve identified another new weapon—the formidable Ink Vac! This special device is equipped with a massive nozzle capable of inhaling the ink from an enemy’s attack and sending it back via a powerful counterattack.

The Ink Vac is equipped with a massive nozzle capable of inhaling the ink from an enemy’s attack and sending it back via a powerful counterattack. The more attacks it inhales, the more powerful the Ink Vac becomes! This is the sort of weapon that could provide security for an entire squad!

[Check out the video called “Ink-Vac” in the playlist above!]

April 22nd

This update shares details about a new type of weapon, as well as fashion!

We’ve obtained imagery of a new class of weapon known as the stringer. It seems stringers can fire ink horizontally or vertically depending on whether they are fired while standing or jumping. Either way, a simple press of ZR is all it takes to start splatting.

Behold! We’ve captured footage of a stringer type weapon. This is the Tri-Stringer, which can fire in three directions simultaneously and unleash charged shots that briefly freeze before exploding. Our lab is hoping to obtain one of these for further p̶l̶a̶y̶ research.

[Check out the video called “Tri-Stringer” in the playlist above!]

Now for the Squid Research Lab Fashion Report! Far from being frivolous, fashion is a key aspect of Inkling and Octoling strategy. It seems the only rule for fashion in the Splatlands is that there are no rules! We’re seeing all kinds of experimental new styles. For example…

The brand Krak-On is known for canvas sneakers, but now it appears to be offering shirts and hoodies with a vintage look. And this retro gear is far from outdated when it comes to supplementing one’s abilities—we’re keeping a close eye on the latest offerings. For science.

April 5th

Use your abilities as a squid to get a leg/tentacle up on the opposing team!

-Move faster than a humanoid by swimming through your ink
-Reload your weapon while submerged in your ink
-Hide/ambush opponents by diving into your ink
– Quickly swim up walls and get a height advantage

When Inklings and Octolings are competing they use a wide selection of ink-based weapons. These designs might seem unusual, but whether it’s a Splattershot, a Slosher, a Brella, or something else, they’re up to the task of delivering the ink!

February 10th

Squid Research Lab is excited and more than a little scared to reveal the existence of a King Salmonid. This unfathomably terrifying creature can be scientifically described as “ginormous.” We hope to release more details soon.

Splatoon 3 (Switch) is now available worldwide.

Source: Squids Research Lab


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