Snake Pass: “The Making Of Snake Pass” interview

A few days ago, Snake Pass (from Sumo Digital) was released on Nintendo Switch: it’s a unique (and really colourful) platformer, where you control a snake. If you ever wanted to learn more about how the game came to be, and haven’t checked any other interview/article about it, then you definitely should read the “Making Of Snake Pass” interview” published by Nintendo earlier today.

This interview is with Seb Liese (the original creator), who discuss how he came up with the idea behind the game, how design changed from the original demo to the final game, how the team settled with the cartoony artstyle, David Wise composing the game’s soundtrack, how they came up with the controls, the game’s learning curve, Noodle’s facial expressions, possible DLC content, and more.

Here’s an excerpt, about Noodle’s facial expressions:

The aspects of gameplay affecting his facial expression is purely based on the idea of us watching people playing the game and trying to make him look the way players are feeling at that point. A lot of the time when you use the grip ability you are in a situation where you will, as the player, make funny facial expressions, so that’s the face he makes too! We constantly check how much of his body is in contact with things and we assume that the less things you are touching, the more worried he is about his own well-being. So, his facial expression is largely based on how much of his body is currently in contact with something and that sort of worked out pretty much to mimic what the player is feeling.

Click here to check out the full interview!


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