The Snack World: Trejarers – 1st DLC pack detailed

Update: added a few more details and pictures for the first DLC Pack for The Snack World: Trejarers, to be found below!


A few months ago, Level-5 announced that The Snack World: Trejarers would get not one, but two DLC packs, to be released in October and January respectively. And yesterday, the company finally shared some details about the first one, still slated for an October release (but still no release date…).

As mentioned last time, this first DLC pack is called “Break the Limit! Dragon Knight’s Trial!!”, and the keyword for that pack is… you guessed it, “Break the Limit!”.

DLC Pack 1 – Point 1

This DLC allows players to challenge some vicious bosses:

  • Zombie King: he used to be the King of a certain Kingdom. One day, someone put zombie powder in his food by mistake, and he became a zombie.
  • Holy Dragon Dear Falcon: a dragon version of Dear Falcon.

DLC Pack 1 – Point 2

This DLC allows players to tackle some new dungeons:

  • Underground Labyrinth Foie Gras, where the Zombie King is said to live. The layout is pretty complicated, which is why adventurers frequently get lost inside. Lots of mysterious monsters are said to live in that dungeon.
  • Scorching Hot Volcano Gratania, found in the north-eastern part of the continent. As expected, all the monsters living in there are pretty hot… and no, we’re not talking about physical appearance here! There’s also lots of lava around, so make sure you’re extra careful when you head into that dungeon. Oh, and be wary of the boss whose roar can be heard often in those parts…

DLC Pack 1 – Point 3

This DLC allows players to play with a Dragon Knight version of Chap and Vincent.

Dragon Knight Cap can hit enemies with continuous slashing attacks, while Dragon Knight Vincent is even stronger than the regular “version”, with his deadly special moves.

DLC Pack 1 – Point 4

This DLC allows players to break through the limits of their stats. With this DLC, you will get the following:

  • lots of XP after you’ve reached LV. 99. And no, it’s not a mistake: on the same day as the DLC is released, a free update (for all players) will raise the level cap, from LV. 99 to LV. 150
  • raised level cap for Jarra, from LV. 5 to to LV. 8
  • raised cap for bonds with characters and monsters you have as snacks, from ♡ 3 to ♡ 5

Finally, here’s some pictures and a a TV commercial for that DLC Pack:


Additional details and pictures

If you buy the DLC Pack (that costs 900 Yen, with the Season Pass sold at 1 500 Yen), you will get 1 Holy Lance and 100 Lottery Tickets as bonus.

Source: Level-5 / Famitsu



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