Shin’en shares more details on FAST RMX updates and features

In an interview with V-Gamers, Shin’en Multimedia’s Bernhard Wodok (company co-founder and engine programmer) shared some more details about FAST RMX, their debut on the Nintendo Switch.

On the content side, Wodok finally specified that of the 30 tracks, six are new and the remaining 24 consist of all the tracks from FAST Racing NEO and it’s NEO Future Pack DLC. The same is the case with the new vehicles. Five of them are new, the rest are from the base game and its DLC.

In terms of gameplay changes and new features/enhancements, Shin’en listened to player feedback and addressed complaints that the game was too hard for many players. This might refer to the specific case of very apparent AI rubberbanding, though this is speculation on our part as Wodok did not specify any further as to how they made it easier. In a similar vein, Hero Mode, the F-Zero-throwback mode where your boost meter also represented your vehicles energy shield, is now unlocked much earlier instead of only being accessible after beating the entire game in the original FAST Racing NEO.

Another tweak based on feedback comes in the form of more customization options for the online multiplayer mode. One of the main problems players had was that most people would only face in the Subsonic speed class (the slowest speed in the game) and finding a game for one of the other modes was really difficult. Again, Wodok did not specify exactly what options they’re adding but one might think this being a likely priority for them.

Additionally, FAST RMX supports all Nintendo Switch play configurations: TV mode, handheld mode, and tabletop mode (same goes for all controller combinations). In TV mode, FAST RMX runs at 1080p and 60 frames-per-second. Those 60fps are now also maintained in splitscreen multiplayer with up to four people playing where the Wii U game was maxed out at 30fps in three and four-player splitscreen. Naturally, the game also boosts enhanced graphical effects on Nintendo Switch on top of the resolution bump. On top of online play and local two, three, and four-player splitscreen modes, FAST RMX now also supports LAN play for up to eight Switch consoles connected wirelessly.

Speaking with, Shin’en CEO, co-founder, and programmer, Manfred Linzer, also confirmed that FAST RMX uses HD Rumble to convey where and how the vehicle collides with objects. This supposedly greatly enhances immersion and is not comparable to simple on/off-rumble.

At the moment, there are no plans for DLC as they solely focus on their current project (finishing FAST RMX) but Wodok suggested that if the community responds well to the game, they leave the door open to working on more expansions. FAST RMX is currently scheduled for a March release on the eShop very close to the Switch’s launch.

Source: 1 (V-Gamers Interview – German), 2 ( Interview – English)

Note: The difficulty comments come from the V-Gamers interview while most of the other points were also covered in the Interview.


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