Monster Hunter XX: demo releasing on February 15th, more gameplay footage

Today, during the latest episode of Capcom TV, Shintaro Kojima (Producer) made a major announcement: just like Monster Hunter Generations, Monster Hunter XX (Double Cross) will get a demo version. Even better: that demo version will be released pretty soon… in exactly two weeks in fact, on February 15th (basically a full month before the actual game)!

What will this demo include? Well, for starters, there’s three monsters to defeat:

  • the Yian Kut-Ku (found in the Ancient Jungle), Easy
  • the Barroth (found in the Desert), Normal
  • the Barioth (found in the Snowy Mountains), Hard

Players will be able to hunt those monsters using any of the styles from Monster Hunter Generations: Guild Style, Striker Style, Aerial Style, and Adept Style, but also as Prowlers. But naturally, they will also be able to try out the new hunting styles

As for multiplayer, this demo for Monster Hunter XX will be playable with up to 4 players, though only via local wireless (no online). This shouldn’t be an issue for most Japanese players (who generally prefer playing via local wireless), but it definitely will be for people who imported a Nintendo 3DS from Japan and will want to try out the demo. Naturally, there will be online play in the full version of the game.

Also, you will need about 300MB of free space on your SD Card. When done with the demo, make sure to use not to delete the save data, because you will be able to get some bonuses in the full game.

Next, we have some more gameplay footage for the game, from the same episode of Capcom TV. In the first segment, we get to see a recording of Shintaro Kojima hunting the Yian Kut-Ku as Prowler (and more precisely, using the Beast style):

During it’s the second segment, the monster hunted is none other than the Mizutsune!

Finally, here’s the 4th official video for the game:

Monster Hunter XX (3DS) comes out on March 18th in Japan. The demo version will be released on February 15th, via the Nintendo eShop, and has been added to the Upcoming Releases page!

Source: 4Gamer


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