Shin Megami Tensei V: latest videos and pictures

Over the past few days, Atlus have shared quite a lot of content for the long-awaited Shin Megami Tensei V with a new trailer, some videos, a news program, and some screenshots and artworks.

First, here’s the latest trailer for the game, which focuses on the story:

In a world without its Creator, the Nahobino must decide what is worth saving… and what must be sacrificed in return. When the time comes, will you be ready to choose your path?

Next, we have Vol. 1 of a series of News Program videos. Those share the latest details about the game, with a second video planned for later this month!

Here’s the first video (NB: make sure to activate English subtitles!):

The following video (only available in Japanese) showcase the skills of Magatsuhi (one of the demons found in the game):

The final video (again, only available in Japanese) showcases some new characters:

  • Tao Isonokami (voiced by Saori Hayami)
  • Yuzuru Atsuta (voiced by Kaito Ishikawa)
  • Ichiro Dazai (voiced by Kishou Taniyama)
  • Miyazu Atsuta (voiced by Ryo Hirohashi)
  • Hayao Koshimizu (voiced by Kenjirou Tsuda)

Finally, here’s the latest set of pictures for the game, which includes some character and demon artworks but also some screenshots:

Shin Megami Tensei V (Switch) comes out on November 11th in Japan, and November 12th in Europe and North America.

Source: 4Gamer



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