Senran Kagura: Kenichiro Takaki talks about breasts size

At E3, Siliconera got the opportunity to talk with Kenichiro Takaki, who is the producer of the infamous Senran Kagura series. And what was supposed to be a joke question actually received a perfectly serious answer from him: just how big can breasts be in the game before they become a technical issue?

As an answer, Kenichiro Takaki pointed towards a character on a screen, and said that if the breasts got any bigger than that, it would definitely cause issues. They would pop out over the top of the arm, or the arm could completely clip through the breast. To have even better endowed characters would require a console with better specs, in order to get the physics just right.

Surprisingly enough, it’s small breasted characters (such as Mirai) which are the hardest to work with. Since the whole game is based on large breasts, the physics engine is built around that. Therefore, they have to customise the animation for small breasts in order to make it work properly.


Senran Kagura 2: Deep Crimson (3DS) comes out this Summer in Europe and North America.


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