Sayonara! BoxBoy! announced, trilogy package w. amiibo at retail (Japan)

BoxBoy! is a brand new IP created by HAL Laboratory (mostly known for their work on the Kirby series), where you play as a walking cube named Qbby. Your goal? Travel through various levels, in order to find the exit. To do so, you use several boxes, that it can create from its very own body, and so solve puzzles (while collecting crowns, for some bonuses).

There’s already been two titles in the series: BoxBoy! and BoxBoxBoy!. And in February, there will be a third title in Japan: Sayonara! BoxBoy! (lit. Goodbye! BoxBox!), which comes with its own set of new features.

For starters, Qbby isn’t alone anymore: in some levels, it will be accompanied by some “children cubes”, that follow Qbby around. You do not simply have to bring them to the exit: they’re also needed to solve some of the puzzles, it seems!

But that’s not all: Qbby can also use some new cubes, such as exploding cubes, or jet cubes (which take off when you walk on them, or attach them to your head).

Here’s a gameplay video showcasing those new elements:

Sayonara! BoxBoy! will be released on February 2nd in Japan, and will cost 680 Yen.

And on the same, Nintendo will release the BoxBoy! Hakozume Box: a retail package including all three BoxBoy! games, along with a Qbby amiibo. If you’re not interested in the retail package, but still want the amiibo, no problem: it will also be sold separately.

Here’s the contents of the BoxBoy! Hakozume Box:

  • all three BoxBox! games
  • Qbby amiibo
  • soundtrack CD (including 34 tracks, such as “Tabi no Hajimari”, “Mezame no Toki”, “The Challenge! and Sayonara Qbby!”)

Here’s some pictures of the Hakozume Box and the amiibo:

Sayonara! BoxBoy! (3DS eShop), the BoxBox! Hakozume Box (3DS), and the Qbby amiibo will all be released on February 2nd in Japan. There’s no doubt Nintendo will release the former outside Japan, but it’s not clear when. While we wait for an official announcement, the Upcoming Releases page has been updated!

Source: Nintendo / Amazon



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