Runbow: release date for Deluxe Edition (NA) and Shantae DLC, Pocket Edition delayed to 2017

If you’ve been wondering what happened to Runbow: Deluxe Edition (at retail), the Shantae DLC, or the New Nintendo 3DS version of the game (the Pocket Edition), you can stop wondering right now! Yesterday, 13AM Games made some announcements regarding their hit game, with some good and bad news.

Let’s start right away with the bad news: Runbow Pocket has been delayed to Q1 2017. Development wasn’t as smooth as the developers were expecting (especially online), so they decided to delay the game and make sure everything works fine instead of rushing it for the holidays. The new date will be revealed later (towards the ends of the holidays), but it’s already confirmed digital and retail will launch on the same day.

Talking of online, it will let you play with players from all around the world (just like in the original version) in the following modes:

  • Run
  • Arena
  • King of the Hill

What’s more, you will be able to host both public and private games. However, it’s not clear how many players will be supported for online, and that’s something that will be announced at a later date. One thing’s for sure though: there will be no local multiplayer, and no StreetPass either, as the developers chose to focus on online instead. Of course, Single Player will be there, no change on that front.

As for the Shantae DLC, it will be added to Runbow (on Wii U) for free via a Software update to be released on October 25th. That date is also when Runbow Deluxe will be released in North America (it will include said DLC on the disc).

Runbow Deluxe will cost $29.99, and include the following:

  • Runbow
  • all the DLC released
  • the Runbow Official Soundtrack (Vol. 1 and 2)

A final note about pre-orders: those should be reinstated soon. You can always place a new pre-order if you want, as long as you haven’t been charged for the first one.

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Source: 13AM Games



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