[Rumour] Pokémon GO to launch tomorrow in Japan, McDonald’s as sponsored Pokéspots

Pokémon GO has already launched in over 30 countries, and topped the grossing charts in pretty much all of them. But there’s two notable countries which are yet to get the game (including a major one):

About Japan, John Hanke (CEO of Niantic) explained in an interview with Forbes that, before launching in that country, they would first need to make sure the servers would be able to cope with such a launch.

Looking back at the many servers issues that have been plaguing the game since it launched in the United States, it does seem like a pretty wise course of action. What’s more, Pokémon GO should be pretty big in Japan, a country where mobile gaming has been thriving in the past few years (it’s one of the biggest markets).

But according to TechCrunch (who got confirmation from several sources), Pokémon GO will be launched tomorrow in Japan (on July 20th), and not in late July as expected. July 20th is not a date that was picked up at random: it’s the last day of school before the Summy holidays, which certainly gives credence to this rumour.

What’s more, the same sources revealed that McDonald’s had signed a deal, and the 3000+ restaurants in Japan would become sponsored Pokéspots. It’s something that will come to other countries, as besides microtransactions, Niantic is also going to allow select partners to become sponsored locations outside Japan.

Finally, TechCrunch reports that Pokémon GO would also launch in other asian countries this week, and next week.

Naturally, The Pokémon Company has refused to comment on this rumour, so until an official announcement is made, make sure to handle it with the usual pinch of salt!

Source: TechCrunch



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