RPG Maker MV: latest set of details and screens (Menu, Title screen, Result screen, Events more)

Today, Kadokawa shared some more details about RPG Maker MV (releasing next week in Japan), along with some more screenshots. Here’s the various elements showcased today:

Menu display

You can select how the menu is displayed, with the game offering you the choice between vertical or horizontal display.

Map mode and Event mode

When creating your game, you can easily switch between Map mode and Event mode by pressing a button. That way, you can easily add events to your game while working on the map at the same time.

Title screen

The Title screen is a key element: after all, it’s the very first thing players get to see when starting your game! Good news: RPG Maker MV lets you edit it pretty easily: you can not only set the position of the title on the screen, but you can also also adjust its size. The game also lets you set the brightness of the screen, add a background picture, and choose a frame.

Result screen

The result screen is another key element, especially for a RPG. Fortunately, you can edit it at will: BGM that plays when it’s displayed, display text, colour of the various gauges, etc… You can edit all of this, and some more!


Just like previous versions, RPG Maker MV lets you add events to your game. And this time around, you will be able to have pretty rich and detailed events with many settings, lines of dialogues, and more.

Finally, here’s the latest set of screenshots for the game:

RPG Maker MV (Switch) comes out on November 15th in Japan, February 26th in North America, and March 1st in Europe.

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