Rhythm Heaven: The Best+ – second round of Japanese commercials

Last week, Nintendo revealed the overview video and couple of commercials for Rhythm Heaven: The Best+, and opened the official website for the game (where gameplay clips of several mini-games can be found). Today, the company uploaded a second round of TV commercials, which can be found below.

The first one showcases a mini-game in which a young woman in her pajamas has to dance along a group of cats (also wearing pajamas):


You’ll find the rest after the break!

The second commercial showcases a mini-game in which two sumos practice together:


The third commercial showcases a mini-game in which a sad teddy bear tries to drown his sadness in donuts and cakes:


The fourth and last commercial for today showcases a mini-game in which a wolf tries to cut the logs provided by two cats:


Finally, you can find a short comic (in Japanese) in this week’s issue of Nintendo News!

Rhythm Heaven: The Best+ (Nintendo 3DS) comes out on June 11th in Japan. If you own a Japanese Nintendo 3DS, you can start pre-loading it right away, from the Nintendo eShop.



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