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Rhythm Heaven: The Best+ – Iwata Asks (JP-only), demo, new trailer, gameplay footage

Iwata Asks

Today, Rhythm Heaven: The Best+ came out in Japan, and to celebrate, a new Iwata Asks was posted. This time around, it’s Tsunku ♂ (composer, designer) who was interviewed, but unfortunately, the interview is not available in English (for now). This isn’t all that surprising, since Rhythm Heaven: The Best+ hasn’t even been announcemed for North America and Europe (yet).

You will find the Rhythm Heaven: The Best+ Iwata Asks on Nintendo’s website!

Rhythm Heaven: The Best+ Iwata AsksGameplay footage

Here’s some gameplay footage for Rhythm Heaven: The Best+, from the Iwata Asks interview:

Demo version

Rhythm Heaven: The Best+ is already available in Japan, in stores and on the Nintendo eShop. If you’re not quite convinced and need to try out the game before eventually buying it (or if you can’t get it right now, but need your rhythm fix at all costs!), a demo is now available on the Japanese Nintendo eShop. Just like most of the other demo versions, you can try it 30 times.

Earlir today, Nintendo revealed a special trailer for this demo, which showcases the mini-games available in it. Apparently, it’s even possible to play it in multiplayer (up to 4 players).


Rhythm Heaven: The Best+ (3DS) is now available in Japan! We currently do not know if/when the game will be released in Europe and North America.


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