retro freak: a 11-in-1 retro console from Cybergadget

This Spring, Cybergadget is going to release a retro console in Japan: it’s called the retro freak, and can play the game cartridges of 11 different consoles (which includes the regional variants of some of them):

1) Famicom
2) Super Famicom
4) GameBoy
5) GameBoy Color
6) GameBoy Advance
7) Mega Drive (NTSC / PAL)
9) PC Engine
10) TurboGrafx-16
11) PC Engine SuperGrafx

The console itself can be used with a HDMI cable: in that case, the image is automatically upscaled to 720p.

Here’s some visuals for the console:

retro freak should come out this Spring in Japan.

Source: Cybergadget



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