Quality of Life Changes
  • Map updates — minor tweaks and adjustments to many areas around the map to make for healthier end zones and better fights. Check out Fungal, Jaguar, Goblin Gulch, Trinity Hills, and many more for the updates! There are also many easter eggs that have been hidden around the map!
  • Chicken Health reduced from 1300 to 1200
  • Battle Pass Season 6: Deep Sea Bytes. Make a splash and earn new mysterious deep sea creatures with 50 action packed levels!
  • Engineer skins: Old School Engineer, Quinton, Forgefire Knight (previously warrior skin), and Sprocket (playstation exclusive, previously warrior skin)
  • New promotional-only mount and chicken: stay tuned to tournaments and other events for a chance to win and more info.
Neutral Changes


  • Gatekeeper accuracy lowered
  • Burst Rifle ammo reduced from 27 to 21, reload time decreased from 2.6s to 2.4s
  • Slug Rifle damage increased from 365/405/445/485 to 370/410/450/490, and accuracy slightly increased
  • Revolver ADS accuracy slightly lowered, damage from 360/400/440/480 to 360/390/420/450
  • Auto Sniper ammo increased from 3 to 4
  • Plasma Launcher, Turret, and Fire Bomb Removed
Class Changes

New (returned and updated!) Class: Engineer

  • Weapon 1: Shock Rifle – The 6-ammo shock rifle is a heavy hitting, slower projectile perfect accuracy weapon.
  • Primary fire: Damage 450/600/700 hard hitting perfect accuracy lightning gun
  • Secondary ADS Fire: 650/750/850 slower speed and fire rate lightning orb that explodes when it hits an enemy with an additional 98 AoE shock damage.
  • Weapon 2: Grenade Launcher – The 6-ammo grenade launcher is a swiss army tool of damage and healing.
  • Primary fire: Explosive grenade dealing 400/500/650 damage
  • Secondary ADS Fire: Healing grenade explodes healing for 100/150/150 in AoE
  • Ability: Healing Turret – Throws healing orbs that heal for 125/150/200/250 per shot
  • Ability: Turret – Fast firing turret that deals 75/90/100/125 damage per shot
  • Ability: Fire Grenade – Throw a grenade that explodes in a pool of fire dealing 960/1280/1600/1920 damage over 6s
  • Ability: Rocket Dash – Quickly dash in a direction with your jetpacks
  • Ability: Thrust – Jet upwards into the air and gain a high amount of air control for a short period of time


  • Longbow damage lowered from 600/825/950 to 600/815/930
  • Crossbow Reworked
  • Postfire Delay: 0.30s -> 0.35s
  • FOV: 50 -> 60
  • Damage: 220/270/315 -> 250/310/360
  • Headshot Multiplier: 45%
  • Damage Amplification: Applies stack on hit, lasts 2.5s, stacks 3% per hit up to 9%


  • Sniper Rifle damage reduced from 750/1000/1300 to 750/1000/1200
  • Heirloom falloff damage range extended by 20%
  • Blink distance extended by 20%


  • Throwing Axe equip time decreased from 1.0s to 0.8s
  • Javelin buffed
  • Draw time 1.2s -> 1.1s
  • Post-fire delay 0.8s -> 0.5s
  • Projectile speed 900 -> 980
  • Damage 620/830/960 -> 660/850/980
  • Damage increase over range changed from 30m/140m to 20m/110m


  • Ice Staff: Projectile speed increased from 1500 to 2000, and projectile replaced to increase visibility when tracking longer range enemies
  • Flask of Healing: Instant heal increased from 100/150/200/250 to 125/175/225/275
  • Fire Staff: Accuracy increased slightly

Known Issues:

  • Battlepass Art when purchased will appear incorrect but works
  • Duos are being tested again and have been replaced Trios but display blank card art