Puzzle & Dragons X: trailer for the animated series, more gameplay footage

Puzzle & Dragons XYesterday night, CoroCoro uploaded two more videos for Puzzle & Dragons X. The first one is not about the game itself, but instead the anime series (which was announced back in February). It’s a trailer for that very anime series, which will debut on July 4th at 6.25PM on TV Tokyo. It’s produced by Studio Pierrot (Naruto, Bleach, Tokyo Ghoul, etc.).

Here’s the trailer:

The trailer confirms that the anime series will indeed be based on Puzzle & Dragons X itself, and not the series as a whole. It will start a few weeks before the actual game, which is releasing on July 28th. With Yo-kai Watch 3: Sushi / Tempura releasing in-between (on July 16th), it will be hard for GungHo to make itself heard over all the noise of the Yo-kai Mania…

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The second video from CoroCoro magazine is a gameplay video, showcasing one of the new elements of Puzzle & Dragons X: the Soul Armors. They’re made using materials obtained after defeating monsters, and are imbued with their “souls”. When the main character uses them in battle, they can use special powers.

Here’s the gameplay footage:

Puzzle & Dragons X (3DS) comes out on July 28th in Japan.



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