Puzzle & Dragons X: bonuses for P&D Z/Super Mario Bros. Edition players, screens

Update: more screenshots for Puzzle & Dragons X have been added. You will find them below!

Puzzle & Dragons X: bonuses, Genius type monsters and screenshots

Puzzle & Dragons X isn’t the first Puzzle & Dragons game on the Nintendo 3DS: in fact, it’s the third one! Naturally, GungHo has prepared some bonuses for players who played the other two games.

Here’s the special Soul Armour you can get for Tamazo:

  • Puzzle & Dragons Z: Tamazo X Meitenryuu (Skydragon of Life) ・ Zerclea (Skill: Creation of life, changes Light and Dark drops to Recovery drops)
  • Puzzle & Dragons Z: Tamazo X Shitenryuu (Skydragon of Death) ・ Arcvelzza (Skill: Halo of Heavenly Death, reduces enemy HP by 25%)
  • Puzzle & Dragons Super Mario Bros. Edition: Tamazo X Super Mario (Skill Super Jump, during 1 turn, increases attack power of Light attribute attacks by 1.5)

GungHo also revealed a new kind of monster, simply called “Genius”.

During your adventure, you can get some ultra rare monsters of the Genius type: they are significantly stronger than regular monsters, with beefed-up stats. You can easily check out if the monster you just got is a Genius type with the totally subtle icon in the bottom right corner of the top screen.

If you ever get a Genius type monster, be careful: they cannot be synthetised. Or rather, they can be synthetised, but the resulting monster will not be a Genius type monster.

Here’s some screenshots for the Puzzle & Dragons Z / Super Mario Bros. Edition bonuses, and the Genius type monsters:

But that’s not all! Today, Dengeki Online published their review for the game (two weeks before its release, on July 28th): you can click here to check it out (naturally, it’s only available in Japanese). But what’s more interesting for us is the screenshots they used for their article, which happen to be brand new!

Here they are:


Here’s some more screenshots and artworks:

Puzzle & Dragons X: anime series

The Puzzle & Dragons X anime series debuted on July 4th on TV Tokyo (and the other stations from that network), and it looks like it’s off to a great start. Today, GungHo announced that the first episode has been viewed over 2 million times worldwide on online video platforms (more precisely: 500 000 views for Japan, and 1.5 million views in China).

Source: Dengeki / Famitsu / Gamer.ne.jp / 4Gamer.net



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