Puyo Puyo Chronicle to get a demo on Tuesday

It’s in less than three weeks that the latest Puyo Puyo game comes out in Japan. Called Puyo Puyo Chronicle, it will be released on the Nintendo 3DS on December 8th. If you’ve never heard of the game before, or if you need a refresher, click here for plenty of details about gameplay, characters, skill, and more…. no to mention screenshots and some gameplay footage!

Puyo Puyo Chronicle will feature a proper RPG mode, with a 3D overworld to explore, characters to talk to, quests to complete, and more. And it’s that very RPG mode that players will be able to try out in the demo to be released on November 22nd in Japan, via the Nintendo eShop.

SEGA made this announcement today, during a stage show at the SEGA Fes. Unfortunately, that’s pretty much all we know about the demo for now, but there’s no doubt we will get some more details about it early next week. Right now, it’s not clear if players will be able to transfer their save data to the full game, if they will get bonuses for trying out the demo, etc.

Puyo Puyo Chronicle (3DS) comes out on December 8th. The demo version will be released on November 22nd. Our Upcoming Releases page has been updated!

Source: 4Gamer.net


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