Puyo Puyo Chronicle: more characters and skills revealed

Today, SEGA shared the latest batch of details for Puyo Puyo Chronicle, which comes out in exactly two weeks in Japan (on December 8th). Once again, some new characters are revealed, along with their skills.

The new characters for Puyo Puyo Chronicle introduced today are:

  • Raffine (voiced by Noriko Namiki): a young girl who studies at the Magic School in Primp Town. She’s rather confident (and snobby), and comes from a wealthy family. Magic isn’t really her forte, but she’s quite skilled at taijutsu.
  1. Auto Skill: Filled with confidence (increases HP)
  2. Special Skill: Etincelle (changes the colour of a column of Puyo to Yellow)
  • Yu-chan and Rei-kun (voiced by Tamaki Nakanishi): Yu-chan is a brightful and intelligent female ghosts, and Rei-kun is her silent brother (who generally backs up whatever she says). If you talk to them, get ready for many puns and quizzes to be thrown at you!
  1. Auto Skill: Beyond the Veil (increases Recovery)
  2. Special Skill: Silent Step (lowers Defense of all opponents)
  • Rulue (voiced by Kanko Kondou): a woman known as the Sexy Fighting Queen, and a skilled martial artist. She claims to be Arles’ rival in love, despite that rivalry being rather one-sided (she’s in love with Satan, the main villain of the Puyo Puyo series).
  1. Auto Skill: Queen’s Attack (Counter)
  2. Special Skill: Queen’s Dance (changes the colour of Puyo to Red)
  • Klug (voiced by Mie Sonozaki): another student form the Magic School in Primp Town, and a pretty good one at that. Too bad he’s also rather stuck up and rude… He always carries a book around, which is pretty important to him (it’s actually from the school’s library)
  1. Auto Skill: Honor Student (increases MP)
  2. Special Skill: Nebula (changes the colour of a column of Puyo to Purple)
  • Lemres (voiced by Takumi Yamazaki): a student from an elite magic school, and a Comet warlock. He has quite the sweet tooth.
  1. Auto Skill: Master Sorcerer’s Magic (reduces amount of MP used when using skills)
  2. Special Skill: Crème Double (increases Defense of all allies)
  • Feli (voiced by Yukie Maeda)
  1. Auto Skill: Dubious Good-luck Charm (Counter)
  2. Special Skill: Luminary (changes Puyo in Ojama Puyo (Purple))
  • Witch (voiced by Kaoru Sakura): a young witch, said to be a bit naughty. She frequently has giggles fits. She came from the same world as Arles.
  1. Auto Skill: Witch Clan (MP recovery)
  2. Special Skill: Foreign Star (changes the colour of Puyo to Yellow)
  • Risukuma-senpai (voiced by Kenichi Ono): a strange squirrel-bear scientist, always wearing a lab caot and conducting mysterious experiments in the Physics classroom of the Suzuran Junio High-school.
  1. Auto Skill: Successful Experiment (Counter)
  2. Special Skill: Wow I Nee (increases the Defense of all allies)
  • Ocean Prince (voiced by Naomi Wakabayashi): a bit selfish. He used to be a human prince, but he wished to become a fish in order to escape from the busy life at the castle.
  1. Auto Skill: Prince Knowledge (increases MP)
  2. Special Skill: Noble Run (lowers Defense of all opponents)

Here’s some pictures for those new characters:

Puyo Puyo Chronicle (3DS) comes out on December 8th in Japan.

Source: 4Gamer.net


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