Pullblox: Hippa Land revealed, already available in Japan

Pullblox (Pushmo in North America) is a series that originally came out on the Nintendo 3DS, with two games released in 2011 and 2012. Then, it moved on to the Wii U, with Pullblox World last year. And today, the series is coming back to its original home with a brand new game: it’s called Pullblox: Hippa Land, and it’s actually Free 2 Start title.

The goal of the game is pretty much the same as in the three other games: you have to climb out a structure made of blocks, in order to save the children on top. You push/pull various blocks in order to climb, but this time around, there’s a brand new mechanic involved: stretching. By stretching blocks, you can find ways to keep on climbing, and reach the top.

Pullblox: Hippa Land is a Free 2 Start game, which comes with 7 levels. Then, you can purchase additional level packs, which have their own themes:

  • Mallo’s Wakukwaku Plaza (Difficulty: 2/5): 500 yen, includes 100 courses with regular Pullblox puzzles;
  • Poppy’s Object Plaza (Difficulty: 3/5): 300 yen, includes 50 courses, with puzzles based on objects;
  • Mallo’s Action Plaza (Difficulty: 4/5): 300 yen, includes 50 courses filled with various enemies;
  • Gramps’ Famicom Plaza (Difficulty: 5/5): 300 yen, includes 50 courses based on pixel art.

You can buy some of the packs separately, but if you decide to get them all, you can pick up the special bundle which costs 1 000 Yen (which means you can save up to 400 Yen). If you manage to beat all the free levels + those from the level packs, you can unlock the “Gekimuzu Mountain” pack, with 50 extra levels.

Here’s the Japanese trailer for the game:

Here’s some screenshots:

Finally, here’s some goodies based on the series:

Unfortunately, we don’t know when Pullblox: Hippa Land (which will called Stretchblox / Stretchmo, if the Miiverse community is to be believed) will be released in Europe and North America.

Source: 4Gamer.net
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