project OCTOPATH TRAVELER: message from Masashi Takahashi (Producer)

A few months ago, project OCTOPATH TRAVELER was showcased during the latest (global) Nintendo Direct presentation. Shortly after, a playable demo was released, allowing fans to get a (really) early taste of the game. And in order to gather some precious feedback, to be used to improve the game, Square-Enix asked players to fill out a gameplay survey.

Fast-forward several weeks later, and the survey is over. In a message posted on the official Nintendo website, Masashi Takahashi revealed that during the six weeks the survey ran, they received no less than 45 500 reponses, and from all around the world. It looks like there’s quite a lot of interest in project OCTOPATH TRAVELER!

The development team was apparently quite surprised to receive that much feedback, and they’re currently going through all the reponses. It looks like they will share the results of the survey with fans, but at a later date. What’s more, the developers are also going to share impressions and ideas they have had in reponse to players’ comments.

Here’s the message in full:

Hello, this is Masashi Takahashi, the Producer of project OCTOPATH TRAVELER for Nintendo Switch.

It’s already been two months since we released the project OCTOPATH TRAVELER demo version. The end of October marked the cut-off point for our gameplay survey, and despite only running it for around six weeks, we received 45,500 responses from across the world, which was a great honour and a huge surprise! Thank you all very much for taking part!

We’re reading through each of the responses we’ve received, and we’ll get back to you in due course with the results of the survey. We’ll also provide impressions and ideas that the development team have had in response to your comments.

In the meantime, I just wanted to take this moment to say a big thank you for the wonderful reception you’ve given us so far. We’re working hard on development, and I hope you’ll all continue to support project OCTOPATH TRAVELER!

Unfortunately, we still don’t know when project OCTOPATH TRAVELER will be released. But in the mean time, you can still down the playable demo available on the Nintendo eShop… if you haven’t already!

Source: Nintendo


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