Prison Architect: Nintendo Switch Edition will no longer receive DLC or updates

Last month, Prison Architect received the Free for Life DLC along with the Crowbar Hotel update. And earlier this month, it received even more content with the Undead DLC and The Kickstand update. Wondering when those two pieces of DLC and their respective updates will be coming to Prison Architect: Nintendo Switch Edition? Unfortunately, the answer is… never.

Back on October 5th, Paradox Interactive posted a message on the official forums to announce that Prison Architect: Nintendo Switch Edition will no longer receive additional content. What’s more, the development team is also stopping work on updates for this version of the game.

The reason for this change? Paradox Interactive are shifting resources towards other platforms where “Prison Architect players are more active.” In other words, they deemed it no longer worth it to support the Nintendo Switch version of the game.

Naturally, that doesn’t mean that Prison Architect: Nintendo Switch Edition is no longer playable or anything. All the content, features, etc. already released are still available. But if you’re planning to buy this version, you should know that you will not get access to any of the new content and updates released for the game moving forward.

Here’s the message from Paradox Interactive and Double Eleven:

After releasing Prison Architect on Nintendo Switch a few years ago, we have come to the difficult decision to no longer provide content or updates to this version of the game. We are shifting our team’s focus to where Prison Architect players are most active. This change means we have more resources to continue providing high-quality content for our players and fans.

We are sorry to close this chapter, but we look forward to sharing more information about Prison Architect’s future with you all very soon.

Source: Paradox Interactive


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