Poly Bridge (bridge building game) headed to the Nintendo Switch later this year

During yesterday’s Nindies Summer Showcase, a lot of different games were either announced or showcased for the Nintendo Switch. The best part is that the selection of games was pretty varied, with platformers, adventure games, and even FPS. The one featured in this post is called Poly Bridge, and it’s actually a bridge building game, with a strong focus on physics.

The game has two main modes:

  • Campaign, with over 100 levels to tackle. Those range from simple light car bridges to multi-deck draw-bridges, with some requiring jumps, and more. As you can expect, the more you progress through the game, the tougher the levels become: the engineering aspect gets more and more complex, and restrictions are imposed on the resources you can use to build your bridge.
  • Sandbox Mode: a mode where you can let your creativity run free. You can choose to create the most complex bridge ever, or instead one so completely absurd it pushes the mechanics of the game in a new direction.

Poly Bridge features advanced mechanics, such as:

  • Advanced Hydraulics
  • Multi-phase Hydraulics Controller (control which hydraulic piston activates when)
  • Node-base event system
  • Multiple types of checkpoints
  • Copy & Paste tools
  • Line Tracer tools (draw perfect arcs or straight lines and fill them in with your material of choice)

Finally, here’s a trailer and some screenshots for the game:


Poly Bridge (Switch eShop) comes out this Fall in Europe and North America. The Upcoming Games page has been updated!



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