Pokkén Tournament: another livestream on July 16th, trailers in better quality, screens/artworks

Pokkén Tournament

This afternoon, Bandai-Namco held a livestream for Pokkén Tournament on NicoNico. During this one, several things were announced/revealed:

– 2 new playable Pokémon (Charizard + Charizard X and Weavile)
– 2 new Assist Pokémon (Jirashi and Whimsicott)
– the release date (July 16th).

A trailer was revealed for the two new playable Pokémon, and you will find them both in better quality below. But that’s not all: if you missed today’s livestream, fear not! On the game’s official website, Bandai-Namco announced that they would host another stream on July 16th, in order to celebrate the game’s launch in Japanese arcades.

This livestream will be shot from the namco LAZONA Game Center, in Kawaski, which is one of the locations where the game will be playable. It will last 2h30, but we don’t know right know what will be shown there (besides the inevitable gameplay session). It’s possible we will get some surprise announcements, but since the game itself launches on the same day, it will be hard for Bandai-Namco to keep it all secret!

Just like today’s, this show will be streamed on NicoNico, on July 16th:

– Europe: 11AM to 1.30PM
– UK: 10AM to 12.30PM
– North America (EDT): 5AM to 7.30AM
– North America (PDT): 2AM to 4.30AM
– Japan: 6PM to 8.30PM

Finally, here’s the trailers for Charizard and Weavile, in better quality, along with some screenshots/artworks:

Head after the break for the second trailer!



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